PREFACE. ANGUS BETHUNE. “A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune” is the one story in this collection that does not include a character from any of my. In “A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune” and “The Scarlet Ibis,” the conflict of the story shows that people can change considerably as a result of a. And since History tends to draw its parallel upon fictional tales of valor, it is stories such as “A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune” and “One Friday.

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He is aware that the whole thing is a prank but he has learned from his grandfather that it is easier to just go along with some things thf to bring even more attention to yourself and decides to go to the prom.

Momenh inability of others to accept Angus causes so much doubt and dislike towards his own personhood. I noticed the lack of concern from those officials who can stop bullying. It seemed that the auther want us to see how things usually work themselves out and there is always a happy ending.

He is a funny, sarcastic boy, but i think that it is part of his defense mechanism. LibraryThing All topics Hot topics Book discussions. I really liked his dry sense of humor in this work. Conversely, their shared love interest, Melissa LeFevre, treats people respectfully. Chris Crutcher used an everyday thought and action to create a fun story that will allow students to understand that everyone has a story and struggles with something.


The short story exposes wngus reality of the difficult life that many kids face.

GHS “A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune” – Vocabulary List :

If they have done what the question asks they would step forward on the line. I think it is so courageous of Angus to stand up for himself especially at the dance. I think bethunee is safe to say that most students will be able to relate to this rather they are the villian or the btief and I also think that each group will have something to think about after reading the story. The theme is a familiar idea and can be related to people of all ages that have experienced a variety of situations. This is a comedic short story on a serious issue.

Not only kf I not realized this, but Lite haven’t realized how that can affect a teenager. I think it is quite obvious that this book makes for a good opportunity to discuss the problem of bullying with students, talking about its negative effects. I highly recommend it. This may be a long shot, but this book could be used to talk about happy endings, relating to several different plots in fairy tales.

Of course, since the film is set in California, the kids don’t catch much flak for having homosexual parents. I feel as if I did not relate as well.

Theme of the Short Story “A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune”

It doesn’t matter if the student has weird parents, or is ot at school, or the one doing the bullying, or even the geeky kid with the crush on the girl he knows he will bethnue have, every single student that reads this short story will find some way to relate to it.


Not only is he bullied for his size, but he is the child of homosexual parents. The short story was by no far my favorite. I believe this short story is a beneficial read that will allow students to relate to the characters as well as each other on a more personal basis.

Angus is the victim of bullying simply because of his looks and his family. I always felt that way growing up. I did not like the harsh, blunt attack that Angus mpment on himself. Even though I know this type of life is a reality, I found it difficult to read.

Theme of the Short Story “A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune” | Pen and the Pad

Overall, I think this is a wonderfully entertaining short story that can be taught in most classrooms. As Angus deals with these issues, the reader understands the hardships that he has encountered during his lifetime and feels the pain he has gone through. This story displays bullying, fighting, betrayal, and surprise. I loved this story and wished it was a book so I could enjoy reading about Angus growing as a person.

Therefore, the read was not nearly as enjoyable as I would like. The realization is not everyone is a bully.