The book Alcibiades the Schoolboy was originally written in Italian, in , and then translated into French by, perhaps, Édouard Cléder. Due to the expense of. The book Alcibiades the Schoolboy was originally written in Italian, in , and then translated into French by, perhaps, Édouard Cléder. Results 1 – 8 of 8 Alcibiades the Schoolboy by Antonio; Rawnsley, J. C. (translator) Rocco and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available.

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In this it offers a valuable lesson to modern writers on sexual matters whose dour vocabulary tends to be at odds with the joy which should be at the heart of their subject. Or is it merely a rude jest for Carnival, as Loredano implies?

Even in – perhaps precisely in – the otherwise hyperbolic language about the aocibiades of boys “from nine to alcibiade p. He rose to fame in the mid’s with a series of lewd sonnets composed to accompany Guilio Romano’s infamous erotic “postures,” which had been engraved by Marcantonio Raimondi – a work which survives in only one copy, found in the 20th century after being believed totally lost for years.

Nor is it known what happened to the translation, or if indeed it was ever scoolboy. Rocco’s thesis there is that all “love” is actually self-interest: But Alcibiades is almost a century too late, and, despite Aretino’s being accused and acquitted of sodomy in a politically motivated prosecution late in his life, it just wasn’t his style.

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Alcibiades the Schoolboy – Wikipedia

Lest it be supposed to be a sombre treatise, the fun should be explained too. Alcibiades’s schoolmaster Philotimes is dying to consummate his love for his pupil and has to overcome with reason the full array of early modern arguments against sodomy raised by the initially reluctant boy, until the latter is finally eager to accept him.

This translation was accompanied by a alcibuades page foreword by M. Alcibiades the Schoolboy From William A. II The publishing history of Alcibiades the Schoolboy, or Alcibiade alcibiaddes a scola, as he was originally known, has been strange and tangled from the beginning. Andrea Adams marked it as to-read Feb 25, But if, just as we can see the emerging qualities of the novel in a text like Alcibiades, and thus name it a novel, we can also see the emergence of those qualities of same-sex eroticism and identity in it which are basic to homosexuality, and are thus justified in calling it a homosexual novel – indeed the first homosexual novel – we must acknowledge there are also differences.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The text is unashamedly explicit, and it has been argued that “it must be understood in the context of similar texts of the trend of libertinismusing the term in its original sense of a sceptical philosophical tendency.

Mader overstates an important point: The apparently true authorship is revealed in the same letters which refer to the now lost first, Venice, edition ofmentioned above. On its face, it is both an extensive, semi-serious compilation of philosophical arguments regarding sodomy, and, at the same time, given the mock-horror of the introduction, the fantastical conceit of a frisky pupil giving his wise old mentor a good run for his money – the intellectual equivalent, one might say, of Cardinal Pirelli’s pursuit of Chicklet around the cathedral in Firbank’s novel?

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Alcibiades the Schoolboy (book) – BoyWiki

A new edition, still in Italian, appeared in Paris in hte, from the antiquarian scholar and publisher of erotica, Jules Gay. The “innocence” of Alcibiades, who can still almost best his master with sophisticated arguments, is another.

He argues that Nature gave us sexual organs for our own pleasure, and that it would insult her to use them otherwise, citing examples from Greek mythology and culture, as well as refuting counterarguments based on alccibiades Sodom and Gomorrah story.

Nor could he foresee the perversity of an age which would see the sexual abuse of boys, which he fiercely denounced himself, as a justification for terrorising men and boys genuinely in love. Jill added it Jul 24, V Finally, a schoolbo on this edition. It is not known who the translator was, although it is possible it was either “J.


Alcibiades The Schoolboy

In his political writings, Pallavicino made the grave error of criticizing Pope Urban VIII and his family, the powerful Barberinis, and having made the still graver, indeed fatal mistake of travelling into territory loyal to them, he literally paid with xlcibiades head inat the age of On one hand, the authorities followed the church in denouncing and fiercely persecuting all sodomy. Called in his own time the “Divine Pietro” and “Scourge of Princes,” once he was safely dead he gained a further title, Prince of Blackmailers.

Jamie MacDonald Jones marked it as to-read May 17, Not to use her gifts is to insult her, not to apply her inventions is to alienate oneself from her, to be in revolt against her, and to deserve in consequence to be deprived of life itself.

Eglinton” pseudonym, and Bradley’s husband from Craig Parkin added it Dec 01, Baska marked it as to-read Feb 15, On the other hand, the argument of the two introductions that this text is a warning against sodomitical schoolmasters has something of alcbiiades “redeeming social value” strategy about it – you can get any old piece of obscenity past a censor if you argue it must be widely known for a good social purpose, like keeping innocents from falling into the vices described – and indeed, the style of these introductions has more tye a whiff of the sanctimonious air of feigned, breathless outrage of a British tabloid, salaciously wallowing in every shocking – SHOCKING!

It is a conceit – in both the dictionary senses of the word – to believe that anyone, least of all an adolescent boy, is going to be persuaded to engage in sodomy on the basis of philosophical arguments – and even sillier to suppose that an adolescent is going to respond with such weighty counter-arguments.

With regard to the adjective “homosexual,” however, the ground is firmer. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. Books by Antonio Rocco.