At the Gates of Loyang is a trading game in which you are able to produce goods Best Card Game Nominee · Essener Feder Best Written Rules Winner. cry: In the 8th page, in the FAQ part, the rules say as below.: [i]① What happens if the pile of Action cards is completely emptied during the. Board Game: At the Gates of Loyang» Forums» Rules · Post Thread 0, solo variation of Loyang/a question about the offer grid. by Daniel Mills Wed Apr 5.

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Casual customers are one-time affairs, and don’t ever get angry with you. In each action phase you have to select for each of your regular customers one of these two possibilities, otherwise you will be unable to finish your turn. The economic upturn of the now-flourishing city requires a better supply of basic foodstuffs. They use these in the Action phase to convert the harvested vegetables to money. The player chooses which card will go on top and which will go underneath.

The Trader can be combined with the Maid. Helper cards are the only kind of card that can be discarded at any time without being used.

So far we tend to take just one loan, sometimes none. Casual customers are served one after another in any order. If more than one player is in the same position, the winner is the one who has the most Cash remaining. If you have more casual customers than regular customers, they pay you a discounted price.

How can one reach 20 points in At The Gates of Loyang? – Board & Card Games Stack Exchange

A player may not simply use the Tenant-farmer to look at his Private fields pile. There are various cards market stalls and helpers that help you, and they are useful under different situations. The first thing that comes to mind after my first game was “multiplayer solitaire”. I wouldn’t be surprise if the game is often won by the first tiebreaker. The Starting and Second players take their Action phase at the same time. This is important in the 4-player game loang players take actions with a partner.


For each additional space that a player wishes to move along the Path, he must pay the value shown on the space he moves to. All regular and casual customers for which you have the required vegetables on your card will be highlighted.

The Two-Pack as the game continues Whenever a player places the upper card of a Two-pack onto the Discard pile, he must immediately effectively, at the same time move the lower card to the appropriate place. Overview of the game table. Exchange this Helper for a Helper belonging to another player who has already completed his Action phase for this round.

Loans can never be repaid. You also should almost always maintain as many regular customers as you can, and serve an occasional casual customer. Special rules for gatea players: If you don’t like Princes of Florence or Race for the Galaxy because you think they are “multiplayer solitaire”, then you probably won’t like Loyang.

If so, what kind of strategy was used?

Yucata – Rules for the game ‘At the Gates of Loyang’

Regular customers want to receive these two vegetables exactly once in each round, starting with the round in which the card was played. I normally dislike how people use this term, but I couldn’t help thinking of it. Or Place one empty field from your Field area that has not yet been sown under the pile of your Private fields and select one other field from it. Post as a guest Name. Otherwise he has to select those vegetables that are given away.


The most successful farmer will be the one who moves furthest along the Path of Prosperity within the given timeframe. Once only, buy 2 vegetables of the same kind in your Shop for the price ar 1. Players can choose which Regular customer they will deliver to twice.

Vegetables can also be traded at Market stalls or used for seed and planted in fields. In the game you get regular customers and casual customers. This is a reward for players who manage to serve a Casual customer despite commitments to Regular customers.

Buy a cheap two-pack 0 or 1 cash every turn or have lots of market stalls for exchanging vegetables.

At the Gates of Loyang

So the first game was a little distorted. In general, only take followers you intend to use immediately with the exception of game-changers like Squire. I have read gats about downtime.

I think the decisions in the game are mostly tactical, as in “let’s see what I can do with what fate deals me”. Depending on the kind of helper there may now be several options from which you can choose. Taking a loan is obviously not something to undertake lightly, but are you saying that it is always worse to go into debt, even when that gives you that initial competitive thr After each harvest, the farmers assemble at the gates of Loyang to sell and trade their vegetables.

They are slightly harder to serve needing 3 vegetables and not 2but it’s only a one-time transaction. Feel free to Embed our videos into your blog if you want!