At the Gates of Loyang is a trading game in which you are able to produce goods Best Card Game Nominee · Essener Feder Best Written Rules Winner. cry: In the 8th page, in the FAQ part, the rules say as below.: [i]① What happens if the pile of Action cards is completely emptied during the. Board Game: At the Gates of Loyang» Forums» Rules · Post Thread 0, solo variation of Loyang/a question about the offer grid. by Daniel Mills Wed Apr 5.

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At the Gates of Loyang | Rules | Forum | RPGGeek

We also make one big mistake of allowing fields to be re-sowed a habit from Agricola. During the Card phase, players receive new cards. At the Gates of Loyang is a card game. A player cannot exchange an empty Market stall, as empty Stalls are immediately placed on the Discard pile.

At the Gates of Loyang

Positions on this path of prosperity determine victory. The other non-Starting player is paired with the Second player. All three vegetables must all be supplied in one Action phase.

Michelle was too absorbed in the game to rjles looking at the camera.

A Storehouse with a capacity of only 1 vegetable can be upgraded for a cost of 2 Cash. So the first game was a little distorted. OR You may immediately harvest vegetables from all fields that contain exactly one vegetable token but not from your Home field. Players can choose which Regular customer they will deliver to twice. For each additional space that a player wishes to move along the Path, he must pay the value shown on the space he moves to.

Helper cards are the only kind of card that can be discarded at any time without being used. I used two-packs to manage the number of customers so that I always had more regular than casual without letting any regular customer go unsatisfied more than once. In this way, a Regular customer may gatess five or even more deliveries. If he has fewer Casual than Regular customers, he receives a bonus of 2 Cash. But after the 3rd game, I think I have more a less a good feel about the game.


But you need to gated note of his Helpers which may impact your plan. Players who have taken Loans must now move their Scoring marker back 1 space along the Path of Prosperity for each Loan card that they have.

The Trader is the only Helper who appears more than once in the game. Special rules for the Introductory version: My wife and I first played this at the Board Game Geek con last year.

At Yucata there is an upper limit for the number of loans that can be taken: I played it three times and in the end I decided I didn’t like it very much at all. China, years ago: You must immediately serve this customer.

Once he has played, all the remaining cards in his hand are placed in the Courtyard. They do not come with the game. Get regular customers in the middle of the game.

Cards which are covered by another Action card do not add to the cost. The coins have square holes, so that they can be held on strings. These are returned to the Supply. John activates the Maid and moves her to the Discard pile. The player re-sows the field with a vegetable from his Cart. The game is about planting various types of vegetables and then selling them to make money.

Yucata – Rules for the game ‘At the Gates of Loyang’

If he has the same number of Regular and Casual customers, he receives the price shown. She places a blue Satisfaction marker on the card. It’s been a couple of years, so I can’t remember the details, but I see this game as an exercise in efficiency. Customers are the main way you earn money.



Players look at the cards and can hold them in their hand until they decide to play them during a Card phase. Neither player can stop the lower card from being revealed. Regular customers give you a dependable and growing cashflow, because they gradually pay you more and more over multiple rounds.

Not too much, but there is a little nagging gaates. You are restricted by the cards made available to you each round, gatez you have to identify the best opportunities for your business. The restriction still holds that interactive action cards can only be played against the player’s current partner. You should think of what you want to do while waiting for the previous player to complete his move. Sign up using Facebook. Each Regular customer card contains eight empty spaces; the two vegetables shown will be delivered here for four rounds.

Then you can choose a vegetable from gattes of your market stalls that you want to get. Each player is dealt 4 action cards at the beginning. However I decided to give it a shot anyway, because the rules seemed interesting, and most people seem to agree it is good with 2 players.

Fields should be aat after you harvest the last vegetable. Playable in phase 2 card phase. This phase will be executed automatically at Yucata.

Then a window will be displayed which allows you to choose a turn which you want to see.