Our product brand PowerMax® represents CIS modules designed and made in Germany Solar systems with CIS technology from AVANCIS offer high yields. This page contains information about the Avancis PowerMax FB (W) solar panel. To compare this to other PV modules, click here. The energy yield of PowerMax® The latest product generation, PowerMax® , not only AVANCIS is a pioneer in CIS photovoltaics and has extensive.

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More information on handling, installation and operation can be found in the installation, operation and safety handbook.

The MCS award certifies that the Avancis PowerMax panels comply with all approval conditions for their sale in the UK, ensuring their eligibility for feed-in tariff payments.

Not only will this system not save you any money relative to what you are buying from the poweermax, but it will actually be several X more.

Saint-Gobain Solar Releases Avancis PowerMax CIS Photovoltaic Modules

In terms of performance, PowerMax continues to generate electricity even in partial shading — when most commodity modules shut down completely.

The modules have been awarded MCS accreditation, after having also recently passed salt water and salt spray certification tests, making them suitable for use in systems along coastal areas.

I have not started buying batteries yet, so I do not know whether my cells will be 12 or 6 volt. The modules are covered by year performance and year product warranties. Solar Industry offers industry participants probing, comprehensive assessments of the technology, tools and trends that are driving this dynamic energy sector.

Solar generation records fall and megawatt-scale carports rise. Login or Sign Up. Most read Editor’s picks Solar stories ofpart four: Originally posted by Mike View Post.

Contrary to conventional coloured PV modules, they use the reflection of sunlight to produce their colour. CIS copper Cuindium In and selenium Se solar panel producer Avancis has successfully completed certification assessments for its PowerMax module line to ensure entry into the UK market. Tom Clarius, Quality Director at Avancis. Anyway, I am looking at bringing up 10 of them to start. Originally posted by sensij View Post.


Take it how you want, but if you are already worried about the budget at this point, off-grid solar might not be for you. Even if you just want a back-up system to ride through grid outages, there is more work you should do to identify your loads and consumption before you buy anything else.

I am looking at getting one of the refurbed Midnite Solar Classic charge controllers from the Garage sale site at Midnite. Avancis’ use of CIS technology incorporates thin layers less than one micron deposited on glass substrate, enabling high electricity conversion efficiency.

PowerMax modules combine copper indium selenide CIS solar power technology with a slim design, the company says. For more information, visit www.

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PowerMax Strong 125

SKALA architecture modules have a standard format of 1. The rest of the light spectrum is transferred to the module and converted into energy. Certified for buildings with general building approval abZ SKALA is provided with a national technical approval allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung by the German approval body DIBt for the type of construction with an adhesively bonded mounting system. I will be putting 2 panels in a series string, and then paralleling all five strings together.

Thus, project specific approvals Zustimmung im Einzelfall are usually not required anymore for the use within the building skin. The front glass reflects the narrow spectral range of the visible light to generate the colour.

Order Focus: Donauer Solar to incorporate Avancis’ PowerMax into its portfolio | PV Tech

I am looking to run a 24 volt system, since I believe that higher battery voltage will provide more efficient inverting and provide me with the ability to run smaller wire on the batteries.

In conjunction with the product launch, CertainTeed is offering vigorous training programs and technical support as well as extended warranties — covering the modules, mounting system and workmanship — to its credentialed contractors. New Solar setup As a result of ongoing research and product improvements, the specifications in this product data sheet are subject to changes without prior publication.


Please enter your name here. In addition to strict product tests, the certification process also involved inspection and certification of the production facilities themselves. powermxa

All information is accurate to the best of our knowledge however does not constitute an assurance for any specific product features and does not give rise to any legal relationship. I understand that these panels are thin film avvancis not as efficient as Mono or Poly panels, but again, the price is why I bought them. Originally posted by Logan View Post.

Therefore, AVANCIS is the first manufacturer offering frameless glass to glass CIGS modules with an adhesively bonded mounting system bearing also the dead weight of the modules without any mechanical support for the glasses.

Solar stories ofpart four: Last edited by inetdog ; The uniform PowerMax black panels are durable, easy to install and suitable for use on roofs, curtain walls and canopies, according to Saint-Gobain Solar. You have entered an incorrect email address! Run 24 volts for the long run and place the converter at the end for your 12 volt device.

The product qualifies for a 30 percent federal tax credit and may be eligible for state rebates and incentives listed at www. The stylishly uniform black panels are exceptionally durable, simple to install and suitable for use on all types of roofing, curtain walls and canopies.

It is an ultra-efficient, cost-effective module solution with a sophisticated, sleek design. Designed to meet the demands of sustainable construction and replacement roofing, the solar product offering leverages next generation technology to generate unrivaled performance without compromising aesthetics. From raw materials straight through to end-user applications, the publication’s feature articles capture and analyze the critical details that help professionals stay current and navigate the solar market.