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Every feature that is part of a Beretta pistol, or tactical long gun, is designed with .. Series, these pistols employ an ambidextrous, frame-mounted manual safety . Beretta (Italy) Slide-mounted manual safety The Beretta 84FS Cheetah has earned the following ratings for concealability, firepower, and overall suitability. The 84 FS Cheetah is a 9mm short caliber double-action pistol with staggered magazine and manual safety with hammer decocking device. The magazine.

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There are certain handguns that have great bdretta based on size, weight, handling and quality of manufacture. A very few have a reputation that brretta them. Such is the Beretta 84 pistol. The Beretta 84 is a stand out in a world filled with miniature. The Beretta is a full-sized handgun for the caliber, but compact and light compared to service grade handguns. The Beretta features flawless reliability that smaller handguns in the caliber cannot claim.

Accuracy potential in trained hands is superb. The pistol resembles the full size service grade Beretta 92 but it is far from a miniature Beretta Other than the family appearance the two have little in common.

While the power of the. Our pistol is an import that once served with a Middle Eastern police agency. The Model 84 features betetta grips. The pistol is a blowback action. The slide simply recoils off of the barrel on firing in contrast to the larger service grade Beretta locked breech type handguns. In the locked breech system, the slide and barrel remain locked in recoil until the pressure in the barrel bsretta abated after firing.

For a cartridge of the modest power of the. The slide is steel and the frame is berftta weight saving aluminum alloy. The Beretta weighs a light but solid feeling 25 ounces.

Beretta Web – Owner’s Manuals

When handling the Beretta one thing is obvious—there are no sharp edges. The pistol is very smooth. The safety of this version does not allow decocking. The safety may be placed on with the hammer down or with the hammer completely to the rear, allowing cocked and locked carry.

Beretta 84FS Cheetah Manual

Cocked and locked—hammer to the rear, safety on. This is an interesting variation on the Beretta I think the real advantage begetta this safety is that after you fire the first shot in double-action mode, the pistol may be quickly placed on safe during tactical movement.


Unlike other Beretta 84 pistols this example will fire without the magazine in place. This brretta an important variation—no decocker, no magazine safety—and this must be understood for safe operation.

The two magazines supplied with the pistol each held thirteen rounds of ammunition, with witness holes at steps in the loading process. Maual Model 84 is a first shot double-action design. A long press of the trigger both cocks and drops the hammer. After the first shot the slide recoils and cocks the hammer for subsequent single-action fire with a short press of the trigger. The trigger face is.

The rowel-type hammer is. The trigger incorporates a trigger stop into the design. When you have fired the pistol and wish to lower the hammer, since this variant does not feature a decocker operation, the hammer must be manually lowered by pressing the trigger while controlling the hammer.

The double-action first shot breaks at approximately twelve pounds. The single-action trigger is a crisp four and one quarter pounds with no creep or backlash. The safety is positive in operation. The slide lock is small, sized correctly for this pistol, manial requires concentration to operate properly. The black plastic grips offer sufficient abrasion for a good grip when firing. The grip shape and the smooth S-curve of the backstrap offer a good hand fit for most shooters.

The trigger reach is ideal for most hand sizes. Despite a thirteen round magazine the pistol was not oversize for most hand sizes. The sights are good examples of sights designed for personal defense.

However, since they are all stainless and practically white in bright light it would beretga advisable to enamel the sights for greater visibility in all light conditions. The barrel crown is well done and in all particulars the pistol exhibits excellent quality fit and finish.

In loading beretha magazines a standard drill for handling high capacity magazines was followed. The magazines were loaded with three to four rounds and the magazine was tapped on the boot heel to ensure that all cartridges were properly seated.

When this procedure is followed double column magazines will exhibit enhanced reliability. The pistol was lubricated lightly and the magazines loaded for range testing. This load uses bberetta slightly heavier bullet than the grain FMJ commonly found in. This provides more momentum and greater functionality, in my opinion. The pistol proved completely reliable in firing one hundred of these cartridges.


Results on human-sized targets during rapid drills at 5- 7- and yards were excellent. The pistol is controllable, fast to a kanual first shot hit, and easily kept on target for multiple shots. One of the magazines sometimes 84 to lock the slide open on the last shot, which is understandable considering bereetta pistol has at least a decade of service behind manua.

Any used pistol should have the magazines inspected and the magazine springs or magazines replaced with new ones.

The pistol is an ideal size, controllable, and accurate in rapid fire. The sole shortcoming of the Beretta 84 is wound potential. Beretta set out to manufacture the best possible handgun in a popular size and caliber and they have succeeded. The piece demands careful ammunition selection for viable use in personal defense. All of these loads gave good feed reliability.

In testing for accuracy manial pistol was fired off of a solid bench rest with every effort taken to maximize accuracy. The range was fifteen yards.

Beretta – Unofficial Beretta Site

Two five-shot groups were fired for accuracy with five loadings. The results were excellent. No groups strayed over two inches but the average 84r two five-shot groups for the Hornady FTX Critical Defense load was 1.

This would be good performance for a full-sized service handgun. While there are smaller. Compared to the Beretta Where does the Beretta fit in? With a fourteen round capacity, with the magazines fully loaded and a round in the chamber, the pistol has a good ammunition reserve.

It fits most hands well, the action is smooth in operation, and the piece conceals easily. The pistol gives the owner considerablepride of ownership yet the Beretta is affordable.

For those that shoot straight and pay attention to detail the Beretta 84 is a credible choice. Ounce for ounce the Beretta 84 is a lot of gun.

The Beretta safety works well for every hand size. The open top Beretta is famed for reliability. A thirteen round magazine offers a generous reserve. The Beretta has never failed to function. Return to top of page.