This manual will familiarize you with the assembly, operation, and The patented BeerGun® is the lowest foaming and lowest oxygen pickup filler on the market them or have any questions, contact your retailer or Blichmann Engineering™. The Blichmann Beer Gun is one such device; I recently acquired one and once First up, heed the warnings on the instructions–the beer gun is not designed to. In this video I set up my Blichmann bottle filler beer gun. There are of course instructions, the filler itself, beer line, and a cleaning brush is all you get with the.

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I plan on leaving my kegs of carbonated beer inside the refrigerator to keep cold the entire time I bottle my beer. Cool, that was easy once you get started.

That it, it actually goes back pretty quickly with some practice. Putting the gauge back into the vise I used the adjustable wrench to tighten the wye fitting snugly into to gauge body. As I tightened both shut off valves into the wye fitting I made sure they were both squarely aligned with each other, this was done mainly for aesthetics to make the installation look as neat as possible.

It is also noticeably harder to fill the bottles to the top with the beer gun, as foam-overs are pretty easy to do and it takes some practice not to produce them. To make the remaining connections needed in order to use the Beer Gun I used the additional parts that came with the Beer Gun Accessory Kit.

It was fast, you could fill a ton of bottles really quickly. It was not too easy to get off, and a little unnerving considering how expensive it really it.

If I do they begin to leak CO2 from the seals. Adding The Second Gas Line provided my first installation surprise when I tried to remove the existing shut off valve from the Intructions gauge.

I will, however, mention that I found blicmhann a bit more effective to keep the bottle at a tilted angle for most of the fill, rather than just for the beginning of the fill as recommended by the instructions. Cool once I got it going and figured out how to put it all together, it worked great. I am planning on getting one of these but I have a question for you. The instructions are adequate for these purposes.


How To Use The Blichmann Beer Gun Bottle Filler

The new beer line is connected to gun and the beer out post of the keg inside the refrigerator. When using the gun I tie the beer and gas lines together using twist ties and then run the lines outside of the refrigerator through the small gap bewr when the door is left slightly open.

Newer Post Older Post Home. That is the biggest negative for me. I opted not to get the accessory kit; instead I picked up the rest of what I would need blicymann.

From there it depends on your setup. Swivel Connectors To Beer Gun And Gas Line Connector The use of swivel connectors in the line allows the beer and gas line configurations to be changed a lot easier than I had been used to. Approximate times in the video are noted for reference. Once the brass flare connector is installed on the gun the gas line tubing is used to connect the Beer Gun to a threaded flare connection on a ball lock gas line connector sold separately.

Filling up some 5 liter mini-kegs for use in my Edgestar Blichmwnn Mini Kegerator is in the works now along with filling up the standard fare of 12 and 22 ounce bottles. Bottle a portion of your batch, leaving the rest available on draft. Never got around to using it, thought I would be doing some bottling and I have not used it yet.

Instrucfions the Beer Gun assembled and all of the required connections made it was time to add another besr line to my gauge to be used by the gun to purge bottles with Co2 before filling them. A Bench Vise Makes Fitting Changes Much Easier I was fortunate enough to find a spare gas line shut off valve beer parts cabinet blichmmann I used that to screw into the wye for the second gas line.

First thing you want to do instructione protect the piece with rubber.

Vince Feminella July 1, at 7: Once it gets here, which will happen quickly, stop. With the twist of a wrench the connectors can be switched over from the ball lock gas connector to the gas valve blichmaann the Beer Gun without having to use a screwdriver on any clamps or a knife to trim the vinyl tubing. The beers I had filled I later opened after 3 days and they were perfectly carbonated, I should point out that the beer was force carbonated to 15 instrucyions at the time of filling the bottles.


The piece they give you to clean with will work for both tubes if you use both sides. I love my Blichmann beer gun blichmznn use it mostly to bottle beers off my legs for competitions. I blifhmann glad I intructions mine. The addition of the second gas line would allow me to truly set and forget once and for all when force carbonating two kegs at the same time.

I run a mild solution of OxiClean FREE and warm water through the beer line to the gun followed by a warm water only rinse before storing it away. They say not too much so you can easily pull it off.

There are of course instructions, the filler itself, beer line, and a cleaning brush is all you get with the basic kit.

Now the rest of it can be cleaned as well. I guess insructions all get sticker shock at times, especially when we don’t ‘think’ that something should cost as much.

How To Use The Blichmann Beer Gun Bottle Filler

Once it is all put together, in order to fill put the gun all the way down a chilled bottle, then squeeze to clear the head space, tilt the bottle and instructoons the trigger quickly. It should go all the way to the top, until the foam flows out of the bottle. Pull it out, and cap it with sanitized instructjons and sanitized hands. Purge your bottles of oxygen prior to filling with a blast of CO2 into the bottle not an option in the standard, gravity-bottling approach.

The beer gun I received was already assembled when I opened the box. Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will bee be published. Co2 Gauge With Wye Fitting And Shut Off Valves Once all of the fittings were tightened onto the gauge I connected the gauge to the Co2 tank and then marked out the side of the refrigerator where the hole for the second gas line would go.