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Working position of the counter-bevel and groove wheel. To enable or disable the display of the parameters, proceed as follows: The safety-bevel both sides must be even and parallel to square lens edge and groove must be just marked along the lens edge, without depth. IF the lens lines December Reference Number: If the job number… Then… Is not in memory The job is now saved on specified number.

Brioy operator has the choice to continue or stop the edging process. When the edging is finished, remove the lens from the edger. Follow the steps 4 to 8 of this procedure.

Briot Accura Color Lens Edger Users Manual |

In combination with the following key: The stylus is placed in left eye introduction and the next screen comes up. You start a scanning cycle of a job already scanned. The machine performs one movement and lists the Rods values. IV Text language Configuration cfg Do not remove the block from the lens until the lens size has been confirmed with the optical frame. Lifting jack gain adjustment Yes 2 No Press the Yes key to start the adjustment. Must be adjusted as follows: Turret Rotation rotation Sx The machine tests the following points.


The lifting jack gain adjustment is finished; the machine goes automatically to offset and size adjustment and the following screen comes up. Connect the machine to the power outlet. Yes No5Measure the 40 mm lens size thanks to a digital calliper. Restart the scan using the slow setting.

The bevel is placed on the rear side of the lens Operator Bevel Hand Symbol: Landing position, radius polishing bevel Confirm 9 Esc Check if the tool is positioned in the bevel of the polishing wheel.

Acknowledge the message and proceed to the finishing wheel dressing. The shape appears on the screen with its edging parameters.

Those lenses are available with the part 10 Otherwise, the job will be saved under another number. In case of thin or high cylinder lenses, place the lens holder ring contained in accessory box between the screen and the lens acvura hold and avoid it to break or move.

The general menu is displayed. Enter the sizing correction value. When this system is activated, and when a lens retouch is programmed, the machine tests the lens in the machine is effectively the lens to retouch. Remove the wedge 6 located at the right side of the stylus. Step 1 Action Create a job number.


Briot Accura Calibration Manual

This correction affects all finishing programs for all materials. Use organic lenses for the polishing sizes adjustment. The contact can be checked thanks to the symbol indicated above. Select the reference line for the frame axis rectification calculation: The machine performs one movement and lists the Rho values.

The majual starts adjusting the gain. Instrument Calibration Instrument Calibration for technicians.

Briot Accura Color Lens Edger Users Manual

The access must be easy and the faucet must be turn off when the machine is not used. English until you display the desired language 18 languages possible. Point up at the temple of the right lens Correct axis as follows.

Step 1 Drill the bench as follows. Minimum position of the counterweight. In case of installation on direct water only, add a filter contained briit the accessory box. Remove the wedge 6 located at the right side of the stylus. This message appears when the edging time exceeded the limit of the machine 8 min. Stopping of the pump. Procedure Follow the steps below to adjust edging wheel differentials.