Filmprogramm in der Caligari FilmBühne im Rahmen der Internationalen Filmprogramm in der Caligari FilmBühne Veranstalter: Kulturamt Wiesbaden. the Schlachthof Wiesbaden, the Museum Wiesbaden, the Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden e.V. and the Caligari Filmbühne in the empty City Passage. fri 23 nov pm Caligari FilmBühne sat 24 nov pm Murnau-Filmtheater. WIESBADEN SPECIAL – SHORT FILM COMPETITION. A contest for short films.

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The dye should not be affected by the acid fixing bath since any fixing Solution accidentally splashed thereon, would destroy the dye immediately. Toning consists in either wholly or partially replacing the silver image of the positive film by some colored compound, the clear portions or highlights of the image, consisting of plain gelatine, remaining unaffected and colorless. It is possible to establish a process monitoring system. The overall dramatic effect is probably very close to caligxri of the original.

A very light blue tint slide will brighten a yellow film considerably, but the tint must be very lightjust a bare tint. The Kodak tinting and toning manual for contains a reference to difficulties in obtaining certain dyes for tinting and mentions the disappointing results produced by the locally-available alternative dyes.

The film samples herewith shown were fixed in the regular acid hypo bath, so that if for any reason the tints indicated are not obtained in the time stated, then either the time of dyeing or the dilution of the dye bath should be altered accordingly. One of the traditional highlights and audience favourites, our national contest for the best German short film, endowed with prizes totalling EUR 9, In view of the large number of tints required in commercial work, it is undesirable to keep a separate dye-powder for the preparation of each particular bath, but rather to prepare the same by admixture of three or more dyes.

It could be the seeds of the coming revolution or a breeding ground for violence and crime. Toning is the process of replacing the silver image with a coloured image material.

We have heard manufacturers remark that the people were already getting enough for their money. Unfortunately, the majority of the dyes used in tinting absorbed the wavelengths of radiation to which the sound reproducer cells are most sensitive.

Zauber der Venus

However, since a tint is an overall colouring, anywhere on the image would give readings that would plot in the same position on a trilinear display, and cancel out the brightness. In tinting, bleeding is of very considerable importance, since, during the periods between rinsing after dyeing and the placing of the film on the drying rack, any drops of water on the surface of the film become more or less saturated with dye, and these after drying remain as spots and irregular markings which are very apparent on the screen.


Should it be necessary to employ concentrated baths in summer, either cool the dye bath or use a suitable hardener. Tests using the Eastman formulae show that the copper toning process does considerable damage to the film emulsion layer resulting in a blistered surface probably caused by excessive softening.

To overcome this problem, Eastman Kodak produced 16 new tinted film stocks in called the Sonochrome series. All contributions are subject to a review process by the editor of this web resource. Tinting is relatively straightforward, the depth of tone only dependent on solution concentrations, acid concentration, tint time, washing time, temperatures and agitation!

Starting with an original tinted, toned or combination nitrate print a black and white negative is produced on a panchromatic emulsion such as Eastman Fine Grain Duplicating Panchromatic Negative Film set up to achieve a contrast gamma of about 0. These dyes could be applied to the print after processing and the film was immersed in the aniline dye solution for several minutes to achieve the right result. When matching think of the tint as being made up of one or more of the colors, red, yellow, and blue.

It was an eerie experience punctuated by the coughs and shuffles of the audience.

competitions – Exground Filmfest 31

The future began long ago! Some film is pre-tinted, and some post-tinted, in both cases on Kodak film. Tests made of tinted films indicated that screen brightness was reduced from 25 per cent to 95 per cent as a result of tinting. Most of the most suitable dyes have stood the test of time and are still available today. Besides ensuring very uniform tinting, this stock proved to be very stable when immersed in fixing, toning, and mordanting baths. Pour hot water over any residue remaining, which should only be slight, in order to ensure thorough Solution of the dye, and dilute the Solution in the tank to the required volume at 65 degrees F.

This granted, I would maintain that tinting the dyeing of a shot with a single over-all color especially demonstrates the metaphoric power of silent cinema, because even when realistically motivated, the singularity of color can seem to dominate the screen in a way that multiple colors rarely do.

Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari () | Timeline of Historical Film Colors

The results are often dramatic and tend to demonstrate that some of the colours seen in the cinema in the first 30 years were far stronger and more dazzling than at first thought, but have faded considerably. From the fairy and trick genres to melodrama, color was integrated systematically into narrative and nonfiction films during the first decade of the s.


The first Index was and all the dyes described in the literature listed in our references are shown with the registering company, progeamm manufacturer. Already have an account? The Desmetcolor process will always be less costly than restoration by the original tinting and toning, and will clearly be used for much routine work.

Some form of colour measurement is necessary since old film tints and tones change in transparency as they age, even if the colours do not greatly alter. Inanout Press, As additional information I have attempted to place this information into the context of the relationship between the film makers, progrmam associated film laboratories, and the manufacturers of film stocks and their technologists and researchers.

Instead, wiesbadwn combined tinting and toning and the use of various nuances of yellow, the film attempts a more ambitious method of tinting than just passing the whole film through the same shade of yellow, combination of shots of pleasant landscapes of the bay and interesting arch.

The dyes in a film sample should be extracted from the film otherwise base density, image density and mordants may all add to the measured values. Will the sins of the past yet crawl out of their holes to challenge us? The cellulose base becomes brittle and shrinks so much that it cannot be projected anymore; the photographic emulsion fades; reels develop a layer of brown powder on the surface, then become so sticky that it becomes impossible even to rewind the film, and the image is lost.

Blending and dissolving effects could be produced with these colored gels to create a variety of effects, such as the gradual alterations of light throughout the course of a day, or shifting color schemes within or between scenes. Your e-mail address and donation amount will not be shown.

Some of the foremost specialists in film restoration have discussed similar issues at the first school for film restoration ever established on a permanent basis in Bologna, under the auspices of the Cineteca Comunale di Bologna. What price will they ask us to pay? This method can be recognized by the varying density of the dye on the print.