Because a camless engine has fewer moving parts, there is less friction. to mass production of FreeValve technology is also a first baby step. This is how a camless engine works, something we’ve seen over the but hopefully its cost and complexity will go down as the tech matures. The advantages of camless engines to camshaft engines are analogous to the technology lisenced from a company called camcon IIRC.

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Formula 1 engines tecnhology all camless, they use pneumatic valve actuators, so they can turn at up to 20, rpm usually more like 12, for fuel efficiency. Maybe some of the back EMF can be dumped into an adjacent valve cycle to reuse the energy.

Actually chains are becoming a bit unusual.

This was evaluated when various makers started producing engines in the s and it was found to be more efficient to keep them closed, using the engne as an air spring. The computer is able to sense when not all of the fuel is being consumed and immediately relax valve timings to supply less fuel to a cylinder.

Not even getting into THAT….

Where are all the Camless Engines?

You are already seeing the effects of over-regulation. Same rngine delivered to the valve. Split-single I2 V2 F2. Forces would be far greater working a valve by at least an order of magnitude. This eliminates the risk of mechanical failures that could damage the engine if there was a malfunction while changing directions.

The Lincoln Nautilus. Well, there are many cars with belts instead of chains. I know HaD writers are essentially volunteers with a low rate of compensation, but compensation should be based on quality- if you lack in quality then you should lack in being compensated.

All sorts of marvels are possible when it comes to automobiles however the real miracle is that they can make what they do affordable. Suprised the author missed this. Sorry hit the report button by mistake. The only reciprocating parts are the flaps and connecting rods that are counterbalanced opposite to one another. Check my channel out in a few months to see it running! Since the engine is run electronically and not mechanically, camless engines can be updated to meet new emission regulations without mechanical modifications.

  ISD 8101 PDF

The photo above showing the 2 timing chains on that engine… one of the high end Dodge now RAM pickup engines has 3 timing chains, a failure of any one of them munches a lot of components.

Actuators can be used to both open and close valves, or to open valves closed by springs or other means. Just doing away with [continue reading] and putting the whole wall of text out front?

This now has to done with a sliding valve across an inlet, rather than two surfaces valve and seat simply sitting on each other to seal. What VW did was wrong, but lest at least explore czmless they were motivated to cheat.

Depends when a cam sprocket jumps time and the piston contacts the valve it is pushed back against the rest of the valve train and the engine binds until something bends or breaks such as the valve,rocker arm, push rod, or the piston crown.


Is the Era of the Camless Valvetrain Finally Upon us?- Technologue – Motor Trend

Any time incremental progress makes the cars too quick and therefore dangerousthey add some arbitrary artificial limitation. The total weight to move is measured in mg. Additionally, because there is no chain connection between the crank shaft and the camshaft, the engine is lighter with fewer points of failure. Another limiting issue is the power consumption to servo the valves at very high accelerations. If you can engie it, you can do it. They were based on a helicopter engine from a Hughes factory.

I have also seen a camless opposing piston engine somewhere that had quite exciting claims but cant find the link. Select a Make 2. Back EMF will drive up technoloyy energy requirements for a solenoid as the frequency of activation increases.

Reciprocating engines and configurations. Hundreds of parts must move in synchronicity. Throw in the tolerances of electromechanical components, and you either need hella precise parts or a good tuning procedure to tune out variations… The list goes on and on. Fuel injects are solenoids, and valve lifters can be mad of solenoids, so their MTBF ought to be the same.


I would love to see a camless engine myself but no system is flawless. Poppet valve engines seem prohibitive to the whole concept. I would point out the transmission in my neon is all electronically timed and controlled through a solenoid technolog controlled via a separate tcu transmission control unit.

M ller says that although the compressor featuring standard AC-compressor innards capable of peak pressures near psi generally consumes more energy than camshafts, this is partially offset by a reduction of the engine oil flow and pressure required to lubricate cams and valves.

Broken wire, excessive heat build up, wear from sliding surfaces. Every such efficiency-boosting miracle like this further delays the demise of the combustion engine.

I would start driving, but it would be running extremely rough. A camless or free-valve piston engine is an engine that has poppet valves operated by means of electromagnetic, hydraulic, or camlesa actuators instead of conventional cams. Hundreds of millions of cycles mechanically and electrically with enough spring force to close the needle valve enough to be liquid tight at 30 to 40 psi fuel rail pressure. Could it do that?

Camless piston engine

In a camless system the only force holding the valve would be the magnetic field of the solenoid and the inertia of the valve so piston contact may not be as damaging. But they had very bad emissions too. Camless engines can further reduce NOx emissions with the use of fuel staging. Except the current electronics will not BLOW or otherwise damage the mechanics when they fail.