This is an expansion for The Settlers of Catan. Players can build shipping lanes, which are very similar to roads. Additionally, the game comes with many. I supported because “As a gamer and designer, I want to ensure my #1 game resource runs smoothly, and is available to future donors!” – Daniel Mick.

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The game is fun for everyone because of the interaction, the hint of luck and tactical capabilities. You can also buy development cards to do special actions.

De Kolonisten Van Catan + Zeevaarders + Het Kaartspel Van Catan

And which you do need to build new villages, streets and catsn. With different scenarios, providing new shipping routes are built to different islands.

Negotiate with zervaarders bank and your fellow players, but beware of the highwayman! Inthis popular trading game was voted Toy of the Year. It depends on the position of your villages. Villages and towns not only supply raw materials, but are also worth points. Waan je in het tijdperk van de ontdekkingsreizen: Om tot koning van Catan gekroond te worden, is een goede strategie en wat geluk nodig. Miljoenen liefhebbers van dit zeer populaire spel koloniseren Catan inmiddels met veel plezier.


Furthermore, there is a highwayman around robbing some empty landscapes.

Het land is gelukkig vruchtbaar en rijk aan diverse grondstoffen. Who was the first to 10 points wins the game! In this version, you can even find gold in the riverbed! Sticht nederzettingen op de juiste plaatsen en ruil slim.

Dit eiland heet Catan! And which you do need to build new villages, streets and cities. Building shipping routes to various islands and buy ships.

Find out with the Settlers of Catan! Zeevaardrs new version of De Met behulp van deze grondstoffen moet je straten en dorpen bouwen, die later tot steden uitgroeien.

Catan: Scenario’s voor Zeevaarders – Legende van de Zeerovers

Zorg dus dat jij de heerser van Catan wordt. There are no reviews yet. Discover a whole new challenge for the favorite family game, with “The Settlers of Catan: Topics disc imagegame.

Ga voorzichtig te werk! Be the first one to write a review.


In the river bed to find gold, which that player much advantage can deliver. Since that time, more than one million copies sold. De vrouwen en mannen van je expeditie stichten de eerste twee nederzettingen op het eiland. Developmental cards, the longest continuous route and the largest seizure knight runs. Ruilhandel beheerst het zeevaaders op Catan.

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. Dan heb je meer kans om te winnen.

Catan: Zeevaarders

It depends on the position zeevaarrders your villages. The Seafarers expansion give you a whole new dimension to the famous game! You start with two villages at a variable board with fields, meadows, hills, mountains and forests.