Kiev-Nizhin: Lysenko, – p.; Zhizhko E. Development of professional Constitución de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela, outside urban. Venezuela officially the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is a country on the northern coast of For the – period the number of seats is ” Constitución de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela” (PDF). Ministry of Education. Act of October 6 of , in force since October the 17 of , that modifies legislation on Maternity .. República Bolivariana de

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In the case of miscarriage or premature non-viable birth, the worker shall enjoy paid leave but will be reduced in a half. Parliamentary Elections were held in Venezuela on 6 December to elect the deputies and three indigenous representatives of the National Assembly. Johns Hopkins University Press. The wages and working conditions shall not be reduced.

ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations. During 14 days for fathers up to 14 more days in case of serious illness of the child or serious health condition of the mother. The members of producer cooperatives as well as employees of trade unions are also covered by this Social Security norm.

It is unknown whether or not there has been enacted a further Decree or Regulation on republifa, until the date this up-date has been done.

The COPRE operated as an innovation mechanism, also by incorporating issues into the political agenda that were generally excluded from public deliberation by the main actors of the Venezuelan democratic system. For the period when it was known as the “Republic of Venezuela” from tosee Republic of Venezuela.

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Retrieved 8 September With social programs such as the Bolivarian MissionsVenezuela initially made progress in social development in the s, particularly in areas such as health, education, and poverty. Paternity leave benefits Scope Venezuelx law establishing the paid paternity leave talks about fathers and there is not a general, previous or special scope of the norm in order to exclude certain fathers.

On 16 JanuaryMaduro approved an unconstitutional economic emergency decree, [] relegating veneuzela his own figure the legislative and executive powers, while also holding judiciary power through the fraudulent designation of judges the day after the election on 6 December Init became one of the first Spanish-American territories to declare independencewhich was not securely established untilwhen Venezuela was a department of the federal republic of Gran Colombia.


Close to riots had occurred in Venezuelan prisons by Octoberaccording to Bolivsriana Ventana a la Libertad, an advocacy group for better prison conditions. Organic Labour Act Time off for medical examinations It is not expressly provided. This new constitution officially changed the name of the country to Constirucion Republic of Venezuela Spanish: Venezuela is located in the north of South America; geologically, its mainland rests on the South American Plate.

Dangerous or unhealthy work General It is not permitted to employ women repubkica general to carry out work that is unhealthy, heavy or dangerous.

After a long period of accelerated economic expansion that lasts for six decades value of the stock of homes by familiesan extreme higher value is reached towards They are protected by compulsory social insurance, permanent workers under the jurisdiction of an employer without considering if is urban or rural sector. This Law governs the legal relationships and situations on the occasion of protection of Social Security affiliates and their beneficiaries in contingencies of repunlica, old age, survivors, sickness, accidents, disability, death, retirement, severance or unemployment.

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Retrieved 17 January Law for equality of opportunities for women, Official registry No. During the 18 weeks of maternity leave. Pregnant workers shall have a maternity leave during 6 weeks before confinement and 12 constituvion after confinement, conetitucion for a longer period as consequence of a sickness medically certified as derived or originated from pregnancy or childbirth and that make female worker unable to work.

The period of maternity leave can be extended up to more 3 months by medical prescription. Administered by the Royal Audiencia of Santo Domingo from the early 16th century, most of Venezuela became part of the Viceroyalty of New Granada in the early 18th century, and was then reorganized as an autonomous Captaincy General starting in Time not worked shall be returned by the worker booked to its next annual holiday or through extraordinary laboring hours as agreed by the parties.


They are credited with having invented the arepaa staple in Venezuelan cuisine. Previously an underdeveloped exporter of agricultural commodities such as coffee and cocoa, oil quickly came to dominate exports and government revenues.

Born in Blood and Fire: Infant mortality in Venezuela was 19 deaths per 1, births forlower than the South American average by comparison, the U.

One hundred percent Financing of benefits Social Security. On 14 Mayconstitutional guarantees were in fact suspended when Maduro decreed the extension of the economic emergency decree for another 60 days and declared a State of Emergency, [] which is a clear violation ls the Constitution of Venezuela [] in the Article th: Gloria al Bravo Pueblo English: Great signs are these of the Terrestrial Paradise, for the site conforms to the opinion of the holy and wise theologians whom I have mentioned.

The social security is universal and its afiliation covers all the residents bolivariaan Costa Rica. Protecting maternity is a State duty. The President of Venezuela 20011 the commander-in-chief of the national armed forces.

Venezuela is among the most urbanized countries in Latin America; [10] [11] the vast majority of Venezuelans live in the cities of the north, especially in the capital Caracas, which is also the largest city. Chavez leaves Venezuelan economy more equal, less stable.

LGBT práva ve Venezuele

It is not mentioned. Ley constitutiva de la caja costarricense de seguro social.

The History of Venezuela. Immigrants, in addition to Spanish, speak their own languages. The first steps taken by PSUV and government were the substitution of the entire 2101 Court a day after the Parliamentary Elections [] contrary to the Constitution of Venezuela, acclaimed as a fraud by the majority of the Venezuelan and international press.

During the 10 weeks of Adoption leave for adoptive mothers.