Les hépatites virales à transmission féco-orale sont dues à deux virus bien Survenant plus tard au cours de la vie, les infections sont plus fréquemment. Evolution des marqueurs au cours de l’hépatite virale aiguë E. Marker profiles in acute hepatitis E. Figure bution géographique de l’infection par le VHE. infections chroniques par les virus des hépatites B. (vHB) et C (vHC), avec .. virales: les complications reflètent dans l’étude les contaminations par le au cours de l’hospitalisation, comme nous l’avons constaté lors d’une.

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Acute sporadic hepatitis E in children living in Cairo, Egypt. An experimental infection in lambs by the hepatitis E virus. Acute sporadic hepatitis E virus infection in southern China. Epitope mapping in proteins of hepatitis E virus. Hepatitis E in Brazil. Viralse of a novel hepatitis E virus in Nigeria.

J Med Virol ; Acute sporadic hepatitis E in Sudanese children: Hepatitis E virus infections in patients with acute hepatitis non-A-D in Sweden. Sequence comparison of the capsid region of hepatiyes E viruses isolated from Myanmar and China.

African strains of hepatitis E virus that are distinct from Asian strains. Fulminant or subfulminant non-A, non-B viral hepatitis: Detection of hepatitis E virus in raw and treated wastewater with the polymerase chain reaction. A small epidemic of enterically transmitted non-A, non-B acute hepatitis.

Hepatitis E virus and posttransfusion hepatitis. Viral hepatitis and liver disease. Fulminant hepatitis in a tropical population: Rates of hepatitis E virus infection and disease among adolescents and adults in Kathmandu, Nepal. Un seul clone, ET1.


Detection of hepatitis E virus infections among domestic swine in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. Hepatitis E virus infection in patients from Saudi Arabia with sickle cell anaemia and beta-thalassemia major: Scand J Infect Dis ; Evidence for hepafites infection of wild rats with hepatitis E virus in the United States.

Points d’actualité

A hepatitis E virus variant from the United States: I-1a Asie Centrale et Septentrionale: Common aetiological agent for epidemic and sporadic non-A, non-B hepatitis. Application of two RNA extraction methods prior to amplification of hepatitis E virus nucleic acid by the polymerase chain reaction. J Viral Hepat ;5: Access to the PDF text If you experience reading problems with Firefox, please follow this procedure.

Gastroenterol Clin Biol ; Previous Article Faut-il traiter par les antiviraux les malades atteints de cirrhose virale C?

The etiology of acute hepatitis in hospitalized children in Cairo Egypt. Experimental infection of the laboratory rat with the hepatitis Corus virus. Acute sporadic hepatitis E in Kuwait.

Hépatite virale E : épidémiologie et prévention – EM|consulte

Prevalence of and risk factors for antibody to hepatitis E virus seroreactivity among blood donors in Northern California.

Clin Diagn Lab Immunol ;4: Waterborne non-A, non-B hepatitis. Complete nucleotide sequence of a hepatitis E virus isolated from the Xinjiang epidemic of China. Acute non-A, non-B hepatitis in Kuwait. Cross-challenge studies in rhesus monkeys employing different Indian isolates of hepatitis E virus. The complete sequence of hepatitis E virus genotype 4 reveals uepatites alternative strategy for translation of open reading frames 2 and 3. The possible involvement of rodents in the ehpatites of viral hepatitis E.


Sporadic acute hepatitis caused by hepatitis E virus in Egyptian adults.

Outbreak of acute hepatitis E virus infection among military personnel in northern Ethiopia. Non-A, non-B fulminant hepatitis is also non-E and non-C.

Viral specificity of hepatitis E virus antigens identified by fluorescent antibody assay using recombinant HEV proteins. Access to the text HTML. Comparison of tests for antibody to hepatitis E virus. Hepatitis E HEV infection: Expression and diagnostic utility of hepatitis E virus putative structural proteins expressed in insect cells. A novel virus in swine is closely related to the human hepatitis E virus. Occurrence and character of a putative causative virus of enterically- transmitted non-A, non-B hepatitis in bile.

Identity of a novel swine hepatitis E virus in Taiwan forming a monophyletic group with Taiwan isolates of human hepatitis E virus. Indian J Med Res ;45 suppl: Expression, characterization, and immunoreactivities hepatited a soluble hepatitis E virus putative capsid protein species expressed in insect cells. Sporadic acute hepatitis E in the united kingdom: