Dregoth Ascending Part 2: The Quest. 1. Dregoth Ascending. Part II: The Quest. Version A Dark Sun adventure for characters of levels http://athas. org Dregoth Ascending Part 2: The Quest. Dregoth Ascending Part II: The Quest Version A Dark Sun adventure for characters of levels A Dark Sun adventure by for characters of levels Dregoth Ascending Part 1: The Day of Light.

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The Outer Dregoyh and Godhood Deep within the ancient ruins that New Guistenal would be built, the Dread King had discovered an artifact of immense power and bewilderment. This preview release features part one of the Dregoth Ascending trilogy: In one final sacrifice, from the blood of thousands of Raamites flooding the streets crimson, their faith would empower the sun, lighting it anew, and bring forth the return of the Blue Age.

Its master, the Sorcerer-King Dregoth, was unlike the rest of the champions, in both mindset and power. Unfortunately for Dregoth, the rest of the Champions knew this as well. In the city of New Guistenal, Dregoth would continue to unfurl his plan.

Good stuff – I will download it and read it over the Christmas break. We find ourselves following the years of the imprisonment ascendkng Rajaat and the ascension of Borys to dragonhood in the sprawling qscending of Guistenal. Sunday, 26th December, More harm than good?

The Day of Light preview release.

The Wanderer’s Journal – Darkness Ascending: The Dread King Dregoth (Guest Post) – Terminally Nerdy

Rise of the Dead King. One thing is for certain: Deep within the darkened recesses of the earth, away from the scorching hammer of the crimson sun, a body stirred upon the boundaries of life and death. From labor, time, wealth, to the lives of animals and demi humans, the followers of Dregoth would go forth and practice his will.


She saw the ever growing strength of Dregoth, and feared he would soon ascend fully. But we ascendong save this story for another time. He called these chosen people the dray, and they reflected the draconic power of their master. Friday, 25th July, Asxending would be sacrifice, and the dray preached the doctrine in every imaginable way.

The Wanderer’s Journal – Darkness Ascending: The Dread King Dregoth (Guest Post)

After the scourge that laid waste to his city and stole him of life, Dregoth did not spend long broken in the tomb of his city. You can find Saevrick on twitter by clicking his name. With the continued rampaging of Borys in her mind, Abalach-Re reached out to the other Champions and divulged her fears and concerns.

Will Dregoth become the deity of Athas and see his revenge through? Results 1 to 9 of 9. Following years of twisted experimentation, Dregoth would finally perfect a spell of metamorphosis. But it is xregoth where we, the story tellers of Athas, have to make that determination.

It is unknown whether the chosen people of New Guistenal will one day be the first divine worshippers of the world and bow down before the Dread King, for such stories have not been written.

Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, The Day of Light preview release available! Next time, we will take a look into the Prism Pentad, a series of novels that would change the entire scope of Dark Sun forever. It was a portal into the Outer Planes, and Dregoth would spend centuries travelling the numerous planes of existence. Dregoth was on the cusp of reaching that which Borys had obtained through the power of the dark lens, however, Dregoth was doing asceending on his own accord.

Similar Threads Light release schedule: Then the body lurched up from the ground, the waves flooding the eye sockets and throat, and a great roar thundered forth, shaking the walls loose of stones and earth. Dregoth believed that bathing it in the blood of the Coruscation would be the final step in empowering the relic, and aecending, be the final step in channeling divinity from the dray. Join Date May Posts Originally Posted by ecliptic.


The lush gardens and trees of Guistenal turned to ash as the Dread King fought back against the onslaught, and hundreds of his loyal followers and subjects fell to their knees as the remaining champions stole forth their life to fuel power arcane might upon the infant Dragon King.

Well, it may be time to tell their tale. The rotted mass of flesh dug its fingers into the stone, sending pinpricks of sparks flashing like steel against flint.

Now this is a christmas present! Isn’t that against the agreement they have with Wizards? He vowed to dregofh them of life as he had been, but their people would have the choice to lie down in reverence to their new god king, or else join them in the afterlife.

Returning to Acending, Dregoth began to unfurl his plan. They came all at once, stealing into the palace, and laid siege to the powerful king.

[Dark Sun] Dregoth Ascending: The Day of Light preview release

The Coruscation Returning to Athas, Dregoth began to unfurl his plan. Abalach-Re, Queen of Raam and closest in proximity to the city of Guistenal had the most to fear.

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