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Ektron Inc. uses Demandbase’s Real-Time Identification to generate dynamic Web page content for each site visitor, increasing leads and online conversions. An upcoming Acquia Tech Talk, 3 Tips for a Successful Ektron to Drupal Conversion, will give you a good idea what you need to know to pull off. If you wish to make the first step on the way towards your current Ektron web project improvement – CMS2CMS: Migration Plugin can assist you. It’s just a matter.

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Easily store information about your website visitors in Marketo via bidirectional data flow, to increase your intelligence on your leads and visitors. This means site visitors only need a PDF viewer to view any Office document on your site. To modify the file, follow these steps.

If you purchase software from a PDF generation software vendor, you can create PDF documents on a local network instead of sending them an Ektron server. Administrators decide if this feature is enabled and to which folders it applies.

Office documents can be converted more quickly Security: PDF Portable Document Format is a file type designed for distributing compact, platform-independent documents.

Convrt and Close the file. Subsequent editing is done in the original Office document. Ektron seamlessly integrates with Marketo allowing you to focus your attention on Marketing and not technology.


At that point, a copy of the file is sent to an Ektron server for PDF generation. The Ektron Web Content Management Solution provides everything you need to empower content creators and deliver a great online experience to site visitors that helps you achieve your goals.

Ektron allows Marketo customers to deliver contextual, mobile friendly websites and digital experiences based upon the information stored in Marketo. In the Workarea, click the Content folder button. Each document is self-contained, packing convegt, graphics, and fonts into a single file. Available attributes including campaigns, programs, list membership and contact data from Marketo are used to create websites personas.

Web Content Management » Marketo LaunchPoint®

With Ektron and Marketo you will increase your leads, opportunities and customers. The steps below explain how to update the folder property to enable PDF generation. It empowers users, designers, and developers to work in parallel, speeding time-to-web and ensuring global brand consistency.

Office documents never leave the local network Quality: NET Workarea — only the originally-published Office document appears. You can configure the output quality The following sections explain setting cnvert local PDF generation. Ektron’s Enterprise Web Content Management Solution is used by more than 3, organizations today, and provides a flexible and scalable solution for robust content management. Reasons for generating a PDF locally include: Ektron offers the ability to create, deploy, and manage websites at enterprise-level scale.

As a result, when a site visitor accesses a page containing such cobvert document, he sees the PDF version. The integration allows use of Marketo data and membership in campaigns, programs, lists and smartlists to personalize a website visitor’s experience. Converted Office documents can be viewed by anyone with a PDF viewer.


Find the PdfGeneratorEnabled property.

Web Content Management

Each subfolder needs to be set individually. Config file, located in your site root folder. Marketers can now easily manage digital experience across channels with Ektron and Marketo. Existing converh do not inherit PDF generation. Click the folder for which you want to enable PDF generation.

Site visitors do not need a different viewer for each file type.

It enables users to make content updates directly to the site using an intuitive browser-based editor. Config file to provide the location of the local PDF generator.

CMS2CMS: Automated Ektron To WordPress Migration Plugin

Administrators can change the setting while creating a new subfolder. Since most computers have a PDF reader, the visitor needs no additional software to view the file. Marketers then can easily target those personas with the most relevant content that cconvert drive the highest conversion rate. Documents keep their formatting and appear the same on a computer screen or when printing.