Case Name, Disaster of Chemical Plant at Flixborough. Pictograph. Date, June 1, Place, Flixborough, UK. Location, Cyclohexanone oxidation plant. Flixborough. disaster. vapour cloud explosion. cyclohexane. loss prevention. risk assessment J.G. BallAfter the Flixborough Report: do we know the real truth?. 1 June is the 40th anniversary of the Flixborough disaster, The Flixborough Plant before the explosion – official report, TS 84/37/1.

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Retrieved flixborokgh June The blast was such that it threw me full length across the road. The major problem was thought to be getting reactor 5 moved out of the way.

Languages Afrikaans Fpixborough Edit links. This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat They were introduced about 2 years ago, but Billingham managed for 45 years without them.

The decision that nitrate treated cooling water be sprayed on the top of the reactor, was made by persons who were not very knowledgeable.

Case Details > Disaster of Chemical Plant at Flixborough

It took about ten years for their recommendations to be made and to come into force. No-one appreciated that reoprt pressurised assembly would be subject to a turning moment imposing shear forces on the bellows for which they are not designed.

So,it is necessary to consider methods for detecting and preventing leaks. The ACMH’s second report rejected criticisms that since accidents causing multiple fatalities were associated with extensive and expensive plant damage the operators of major hazard sites tlixborough every incentive to avoid such accidents and so it was excessive to require major hazard sites to demonstrate their safety to a government body in such detail:.

In area B, there should not be any other hazardous plants or site roads. Tests on replica bypass assemblies showed that bellows squirm could occur at pressures below the safety valve setting, but that squirm did not lead to a leak either from damage to the bellows or from damage to the pipe at the mitre welds until well above the safety valve setting.


The new configuration was tested for leak-tightness at working pressure by pressurisation with nitrogen.

Fri 18 Jul at 3: The fires burned for several days and after ten days those that still raged were hampering the rescue work.

It was a failure of this plant that led to the disaster.

Tests by the Fire Research Establishment had shown this to be less effective than intended. No one escaped from the control room. No drawing of the pipe was made, other than in chalk on the workshop floor.

However, the Court concluded that both phenomena occurred as a result of a sequence of improbabilities and coincidences.

No calculations were done to ascertain whether the bellows or pipe would withstand these strains; no reference was made to the relevant British Standard, or any other accepted standard; no reference was made to the designer’s guide issued by the manufacturers of the bellows; no drawing of the pipe was made, other than in chalk on the workshop floor; no pressure testing either of the pipe or the complete assembly was made before it was fitted.

As a result, a massive vapor cloud was formed by the escape of cyclohexane from the holes of the ruptured 28in. However, this process is at least as hazardous.

During the early hours of New Year’s Day disasyer, the sculpture was stolen. Share your thoughts with other customers. We used to have one ship alongside and one or two waiting in the Humber to come up the Trent on the tide. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Court could still be right that a single unsatisfactory modification caused the disaster but this is no reason for complacency.


Flixborough (Nypro UK) Explosion 1st June 1974

The cyclohexane oxidation process was performed in a series of six reactors, each holding about 20tonnes. After the explosion, a metallurgical investigation of the 8in. Views Read Edit View history. As a result of the rupture of the bellows, a great amount of cyclohexane escaped from the holes in the bellows and formed a cloud of cyclohexane vapour, which subsequently caused the explosion Fig. We were between editions and cleared flixhorough much space as we could to cover it.

Flixborough (Nypro UK) Explosion 1st June

Clixborough report also commented on matters to be covered by the Advisory Committee on Major Hazards. Why do we need the HOC [O] rules on the isolation and identification of equipment for maintenance? If the plant had applied a low inventory process, a large scale explosion would not occur.

Nine other site workers were killed, and a delivery driver died of a heart attack in his cab. Advisory Committee on Major Hazards: Several serious incidents in the last 3 years have shown that we dare not risk breaking into lines that are not properly isolated.

In area C, there should not be any low pressure tanks. Critics felt that the Flixborough explosion was not the result of multiple basic engineering design errors unlikely to coincide again; the errors were rather multiple instances of one underlying cause: