Charles Stansfeld Jones (), aka Frater Achad, was an occultist and ceremonial magician. An early aspirant to A∴A∴ (the 20th to be admitted as a. ON THE NATURE AND USE OF THE. TREE OF LIFE. WITH A BRIEF INTRODUCTION AND A. LENGTHY APPENDIX. BY. FRATER ACHAD. LIMITED EDITION. Jones advanced to Neophyte, taking the motto Achad, which he was . The Equinox, Jones self-published his book Q.B.L., and then wrote several books Son of the Magus: A Biographic Essay Composed from the Writings of Frater Achad.

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The news came as a profound revelation to Crowley. In Thelemic circles, Aleister Crowley named Frater Achad his magical heir and Achad was fully expected to lead the cause of Thelemic Magick after Crowley’s deathuntil publication of this book caused a rift between the two and Ffrater began to distance himself from Achad. Hilarion Jeanne Foster in an apparently unsuccessful effort to conceive a child.

Kenneth Grantwriting in The Magical Revivalclaims that on Jones’ return to Vancouver circa frtaer, he was wearing only a raincoat, which he proceeded to throw off, and then circumambulated the center of the city as a magical operation of some sort, earning himself criminal arrest and a stay in a mental institution.

Having been recruited through The Equinox inJones was the twentieth person to join Crowley’s A. The result was the first operation of Mysteria Mystica Maxima degrees in North America, and the founding of British Columbia Lodge 1, where the original founders of Agape Lodge were first initiated. Unus in Omnibus”One in All,” as an A.

Jones took the Magister Templi obligation i. Crowley and Jones soon came to disagreement about the management of Order funds, Jones resigned from O. The true aims of the U. When Fuller later withdrew from the A. Dispatched from the UK in 2 business days When will my order arrive?


About Frater Achad Charles Stansfield Jones, also known as Frater Achad, was at one time designated to be Aleister Crowley’s magical heir when Achad’s magical advancement coincided with Crowley’s search for a successor.

He is the author of many other books and articles. Inspired by the fifth point of the Task of a Zelator ffater the A. InJones joined the “Universal Brotherhood” U.

Qbl : Being a Qabalistic Treatise on the Nature and Use of the Tree of Life

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Not logged in Log in Help. At roughly the same time, he succeeded to the U.

This story, which Grant may have had directly from Crowley, is in all likelihood a confusion of the incident with the “insanity” of Jones’ baptism and confirmation in the Roman Catholic Church. Its importance to the world of modern occult literature can be measured not only by its value as a remarkable, understandable textbook of qbp fundamental principles of Qabalah, but also by the way it offers us a achwd glimpse into the heart and mind of a brilliant and sincere seeker of wisdom and truth.

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Thelemapedia: The Encyclopedia of Thelema & Magick | Charles Stansfeld Jones

Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. He also became an O. Jones’ organizing interests were never fired by O. Book ratings by Goodreads.

Baphomet Aleister Crowley awarded Jones all O. In the world of the Qabalah, Frater Achad revealed revolutionary new principles that caused students of the Qabalah to reexamine and thus deepen their knowledge of the Tree of Life. Kowal told Martin Starr that its purpose was “to make men think. This group had been actively recruiting among Theosophists for a decade or more, and Jones was one of a number of prominent Thelemites who eventually joined.

Lon Milo DuQuette has been involved with occult studies since the late 60s, and has become an acknowledged and widely recognized authority within the world of modern occultism. InJones himself became a Roman Catholic, undergoing baptism and confirmation into the laity of that church. After two of his pieces had been published in Crowley’s journal The EquinoxJones self-published his book Q.


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Jones was not given the Ninth Degree until he demonstrated a knowledge of the Supreme Secret of the Sovereign Sanctuary of the Gnosis in correspondence with Crowley. Smith, among others, of acting as a front for Roman Catholic infiltration of occult groups; and by former member Paul Foster Case of being inspired by the Bavarian Illuminati. He welcomed Jones to the Third Order, and declared him to be his “beloved son.

This is a rare and valuable book, both for its insight and circumstances.

Charles Stansfeld Jones

You can help Thelemapedia by adding to it http: We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Jones’ motto as a Probationer was Vnvs in Omnibvs V. Note that–vows of obedience notwithstanding–service to a superior is not part of the A.

The Best Books of Visit our Beautiful Books vrater and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Many of his writings remained unpublished on his death. He worked under a variety of mottos and mantonyms, including V. Aspirants were provided with typescript lectures “sutras” on trater topics, using idiosyncratic terms like “integrality” and “partitivity.

Organizational titles and pseudonyms in the U. True understanding of the Qabalah and its benefit in magical practice is clearly described, and the information contained is both practical and revelatory.