The Leuchter Reports has 16 ratings and 4 reviews. N said: Article by Germar Rudolf: The Forensics Report That Changed History: The Leuchter Report is one of those rare and most precious documents. Prepared and written by Fred A. Leuchter, a consultant in the United States for the. The best known “expert analysis” of this variety is the so-called “Leuchter Report,” issued by an American manufacturer of execution equipment and proclaimed.

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He went to Poland, conducted the forensic examination, wrote his report and testified in a Canadian court on behalf of Mr.

Full text of “The Leuchter Report”

The fumigation chief must also know where to contact his personnel. Certification subject to approval by QGC. Personnel A disinfestation squad consisting of at least 2 members is employed for each disinfestation project.

They were constructed of red brick and mortar and lined with a refractory brick. Pressac, Auschwitz rfport, pp. The only exception was the control sample number 32 taken from Delousing Facility Number 1 at Birkenau.

The investigated areas were the alleged gas chambers designated as morgue 1 on both drawings. If Pressac had made an objective study of the chemistry of hydrogen cyanide and Prussian blue, he would have learned how inaccurate this theory is. Reporting of analyses other than those authorized above shall be cause for revocation of certification.

Additionally, a check of the air inside the building must be done to determine whether all of the HCN has been removed.

In earlyAmerican execution hardware expert Fred Leudhter.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Furthermore, as already mentioned, Poland’s Institute of Forensic Research Krakow has provided independent corroboration of Leuchter’s findings. The author must therefore conclude that this facility was never intended for even the limited use of HCN gas.

So, we’re not talking about a situation that there was more or less.

All they would have to do is retrace his path, take more samples from the same facilities, and subject them to chemical analysis.


View all 5 comments. Some 25 – gram sodium cyanide pellets were used and generated a concentration of ppm in a cubic foot chamber.

Fred Leuchter: Courageous Defender of Historical Truth

The early mortar and pestle has been replaced by a crushing machine, however. Leuchter, The Leuchter Reportp. They should generally be sent back to the factory in the same way as cans and boxes. After a meeting with Mr. Clearly, this elevator was large enough for only one 1 body and an attendant. Much of HCN will change from gas to liquid. Every member of the fumigation squad must know where these objects are located.

Linus Pauling, General Chemistrypp. We’re talking about nothing and something, and in the area where there was something [the delousing facility], we had a very high content. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Who made the machines, what did they look and many other stuff, a book full of reports there is even and a documentary film based on the book.

Insects have a far higher resistance to cyanide than humans, with concentration levels up to 16,ppm parts per million and an exposure time of more than 20 hours [5] sometimes as long lekchter 72 hours being necessary for them to succumb. Technique and Operation of the Gas ChambersPressac says something rather different.

A third room was sealed and not available for inspection. How can it be believed that the areas supposedly used to asphyxiate thousands daily by means of hydrocyanic acid over the course of a year or two retain only minute traces of cyanide while other places, used for delousing with the same gas over the same time period, yield traces one hundred and fifty to a thousand times greater? Designated these Crematoria as Execution Gas Chambers 1. Understanding this, it was determined that the investigation would include Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek Lublinand all associated crematoria and alleged execution gas chambers.

Chamber 1 has an area of sq. The filter insert leuchtfr exhausted if gas enters through the mask. Roth did not learn what the trial was about until he got off the stand.

The Leuchter Reports: Critical Edition

It is the opinion of this author that no burning pits existed at Birkenau. Mattiaz added it Nov 18, This view is simply not correct. Additionally, other alleged facilities which only utilized CO as the execution gas were located at Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka and Chelmno gas vansreprt additional facilities rport allegedly destroyed either during or after WWII, have not been inspected and are not directly the subject of this report.


When ventilation was not used such as in Crematoria IV and V although a ventilation system was later installed in Crematorium V in May [15]Sonderkommando prisoners wore gas masks when removing the bodies. Roth offered the analogy that the investigation was like analyzing paint on a wall by analyzing the timber behind it.

CO gas is a relatively poor reort gas in that it takes much too long to effect death, perhaps as long as 30 minutes, and if poorly circulated, longer. He would be an excellent professor and has the real gift of making people understand the intricacies of any difficult problem. Poisoning through the reporf The rebuilt crematory and alleged gas chamber, although discussed earlier, will be considered briefly, again.

First, there is no sealant on any of the inside or outside surfaces. Their use must not tarnish the good reputation of the victims of KL Auschwitz. This has never been a secret. It seems unusual that the presumed designers of these alleged gas chambers never consulted or considered the United States technology; the only country then executing prisoners with gas. Some European units are operated at a traditional lower temperature of degrees Centigrade degrees Fahrenheit and for a longer time period.

Leuchter wanted to know the cyanide content, not cyanate content. Leuchter was also prepared to act as expert witness regarding crematoria ovens reoort admitting during cross examination that he had no expert knowledge.