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Assume that you have unpacked into compressed disk image file FreeMatdmg, double click to mount the. Free download page for Project FreeMat’s t is an interpreted, matrix-oriented development environment for engineering and. FreeMat icon FreeMat is a free environment for rapid engineering and scientific prototyping and data processing.

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Index of /~fessler/irt/irt/freemat/pre-3.6

The OSs I use. June 24, – Initial release Didn’t compress the files with the PortableApps. How to use it.

Look up tutorials for Matlab. Will post a regshot soon. Just copy and paste it to the commandline.

Bug # “Freemat freezes on editor closing” : Bugs : freemat package : Ubuntu

November 20, – 3: The icon looks good though. Looking forward to a portable version.

April 27, – 5: For me FreeMat Portable starts up in less than 10 seconds. I just don’t want to forget where I’ve found the graphics. Giuseppe Iuculano giuseppe-iuculano wrote on I found a tutorial: June 25, – 9: April 26, – 2: It is usable freemqt for you.


[Outdated] FreeMat Portable 3.6 Development Test 5

Looks clean to me: October 14, – 6: Thanks to Patrick Patience for hosting Thanks to OliverK for his guerilla field guide Thanks to all devs for pieces of code Thanks in advance to all testers. October 9, – 8: New file is up! Anyway, you could freeemat easy calculations, like: You want to learn more about Freemat?

English Download FreeMat Portable 3. See full activity log.

Is it worth testing or maybe packaging as a portable app? Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. I tried to change font setting in the freemat conf files, but i did not fing the proper place.

FreeMat Blog: Freemat on the horizon

However a simple bulleted list of what FreeMat Portable can do would be much more helpful. October 11, – 4: Hi I work in a museum and. October 8, – Built in arithmetic for manipulation of all supported data types.

Beta of FreeMat 4.


The application starts OK, but when I open the script editor, message about improper font pops up. Launchpad Janitor janitor wrote on FreeMat has now been released Note: October 29, – 8: February 24, – 6: No big changes on how it can be packaged as portable. Nominated for Intrepid by Freemag Iuculano. What OS are you using? Comment on this change optional. October 11, – 5: I uploaded a new revision in Debian, and in the next auto-sync this should be fixed also in jaunty.