M. Gryzinski, in FPB, Novosibirsk, July , p. 89, ; Sprawa Atomu, Hamo-Sapiens, Warszawa, M. Gryzinski, Preciesly About Atom (in. Collectively moving electrons in a space centered cubic lattice. Graphics from the book “Sprawa Atomu” · Back. Spin of the electron – a source of symmetry in Nature. Graphics from the book ” Sprawa Atomu” · Back.

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SPRAWA Atomu HC Michal Gryzinski Polish Language Neils Bohr OOP 2001 Physics

Bombarding atoms ayomu electrons and observing production of free electric charges in the target one could directly measure binding energies of atomic electrons.

Have H- Hydrogen Anions interaction with Rydberg Hydrogen or Grzyiski Atoms ones with inner electrons removed by X-rays or other particles been considered in this context?

Neither quantum equivalent of Rutherford formula for the center with finite mass: Rutherford, its key elements were not formulated until the break of fiftieth sptawa sixtieth of the past century. On a microscopic scale a collision with a point like object is defined by: You can read the section about Anna here Nevertheless, it has been.

It is necessary only to modify slighttly the arms of the parabola. Rutherford has assumed that the whole positive charge of the atom is concentrated in a heavy point-like nucleus.

Movement of electron when recombining in hydrogen plasma

Not in your list is a process analogous to internal conversion — the imparting of all of the energy of the gamma to a single electron. Still no explanation of temperature dependence of LENR.

Thus, solving the experimentally-theoretical identity:. For example niobium gets superconductive, because it’s held together with elongated f-orbitals, whereas the electrons in another orbitals remain squeezed inside of them.

Movement of electron when recombining in hydrogen plasma – IOPscience

The corpuscular-wave duality puzzle, I discussed in the first lecture, has led physicists to irresponsible speculations. I suppose if so slower anion and proton interactions would have a higher probability of interacting with the electron wave function in this way and perhaps interacting with the nucleus.


The energy is primarily removed through bremsstrahlung photons, when the electron is deflected from its course, and from characteristic photons, from the excitation of atomic electrons. A lack of the threshold was strong evidence that electrons in the atom come into close vicinity of the nucleus.

To get information about properties and behavior of a physical object one must have a proper probing system. I believe you have mentioned this more than once. A macroscopically observed effect of a collision x dependant in some way of the particle velocity D v may be symbolically written in a following way:. If only motion of gyrziski in the atom is known any atomic collision problem, at least numerically, can be immediately solved, see figer 7. We know that it is straightforward to shield the photons that arise from naturally occurring alpha decay, beta decay and electron capture.

In Gryzinski’s book page of “Sprawa atomu” he writes that his model expects that pp fusion in the core of a star should be reduced with rise of temperature, and that paper of Eganova confirms it, but I couldn’t find it.

They have also been reproduced at the Bar Ilan University in Israel where magnetic measurements showed stability at 9 Tesla, the limit of their equipment. With help of the found cross section s e one can calculate one of the most important cross sections of atomic physics. As the above article also notes, this mechanism has been proposed before fifty years already for synthesis of organic superconductors and these superconductors were really found in i. By sending a large number of probing particles electrons, protons on a target containing a huge number of investigated microscopic objects one cannot determine anything about the trajectory of a given individual particle inside the target – it is, in fact a black box.

To obtain Rutherford scattering formula on the grounds of classical dynamics one needs two trivial steps: Since probing corpuscles can be directed towards atomic objects with macroscopic accuracy only, and the latter is determined by accuracy with which the experimental devices producing the beam of probing particles can be made, investigations of the atomic object cannot be carried out in a systematic way.


Amplification isn’t sptawa if the requisite energy is already available and is simply released through a trigger of some kind. Lithium Intoxication – Lithium Side Effects? To illustrate the method let us look at gryzsiki research of J. It is said that y function should in infinity afomu consistent with the incoming plane wave and the outgoing spherical wave function in infinity should have only radial component.

Sprawa atomu – EBook XChange (EBook Exchange)

The Astroblaster effect or electron shielding are therefore just two pieces of the more complex puzzle. If the theory is unable to describe two-body collision between two protons electrons in keV grtziski how it can be used to high energy collisions or for collisions between systems of charged particles?

The unit function H x defined in a following way. Even the best theories can get occasionally killed with uncomfortable experimental details oder of Venus phases – do you remember? Calculations were carried out for two extreme forms of collective motion of two electrons: Here it is worthy to atpmu that at the atomic level discussions on un disturbing measurements are entirely meaningless.

Here are some modes from the linked presentation about linear antennas – arrow around axis denotes cylindrical symmetry: If you want to see more than please click here But only at the temperature of lithium few degrees above melting point The fourth step, terms we do not like are aatomu removed on the basis of verbal arguments.

Integrate that over all energies and you get the total interaction cross spraawa. The possibility of giving the exact proof on radial motion in the atom appeared when Helbig and Everhardt carried out the famous experiment with electron capture in head-on collisions of protons with hydrogen atoms.