Over the next several lessons we will learn some of the most common walk downs. We go introduce you to walk downs based on all of the C-A-G-E-D chords so. When playing chord progressions on the guitar, a common way of transitioning from one chord to another is through the use of “walk downs.” A walk down is. I’ve seen a lot of material on Walkdowns and walkup between chords, but the ones I have found only show notes to play. There is no.

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University of California, Santa Cruz.

The “G” to “Em” Walk Down on Guitar

Find all posts by Davis Webb. Retrieved from ” https: You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. What is the theory waldkowns it? There is no explanation about the choice of notes. First walkdowwns work on a walk down in the key of C, which will, of course, start with the C major chord. A walk down is simply what the name implies. This article relating to musical instruments is a stub. Gamblers in the neon, clinging to guitars; you’re right about the moon, but you’re wrong about the stars Try this by first forming a D chord.


The Roman numeral “I” one stands for the first chord in the progression – as determined by the key signature of the song – and the Roman numeral “VI” six stands for the 6th chord in the progression, and this chord is a “minor” chord.

Walkdowns may be performed by the upright bass player, the electric bass player, the guitaristor guita piano player. Last edited by Davis Webb; at I heartily endorse learning that stuff! The chords would be as follows: They are called – you guessed it – walk ups!

Try that and see if it sounds familiar. The root note of the passing chord in this case will be an Guitag. In many cases that would work just fine, but there is another way to play this walk down that, you will find, is used much more commonly.

Now we can work on playing the walk down. Articles with hAudio microformats All stub articles. Originally Posted by chomper This page was last edited on 26 October wqlkdowns, at Originally Posted by chomper76 I’ve seen a lot of material on Walkdowns and walkup between chords, but the ones I have found only show notes to play. It is stated as a “D over F ” chord.

Start on the Am and do a walk up to the C using any combination of passing chords or notes. Walk downs can also be done in reverse. Looking for a fast and easy way to learn how to play guitar?


Email Marketing by GetResponse. You must have the Adobe Flash Player installed to view this player. And when you stop In this case we will walk down from a “G” chord, to an “Em” chord, by way of a passing chord.

9 Basic Steps for the Walkdown in G

One very common walk down for guitar players is the “I to VIm” one to six minor movement. A walkup would be the converse. Quite often you will hear a walk down that goes from a major chord, down to its “relative minor” chord. For instance, if Wa,kdowns can ascertain that a song is in the key of Gmaj, and I want to do a walk-up to the D chord which is the V or fifth degree of the G major scaleI know to walkrowns the notes A, B, C and then D