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The story from II Pecorone centres on the adventures of a young man called Giannetto,l who corresponds to Shakespeare’s. Bassanio. He is the godson of a. Appendix 4: Il Pecorone. IL PECORONE is a collection of tales by Ser Giovanni. It was written in Italian at the end of the. 14th Century and printed in Milan in. The Pecorone of Ser Giovanni, now first tr. into English by W. G. Waters; choicely illus. by E. R. Hughes. Main Author: Giovanni, Fiorentino, 14th cent. Related.

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As soon as the song was finished the two lovers took one another by the hand, and with pecrone delight exchanged their words of gratitude, saying that they could have wished the novel might have gone on for ever, seeing that they found their greatest happiness when they were together.

A few are of the buffo type affected by the later novelists, but far less offensive in style. May God give him a bad Easter and a bad year!

Giovanni Fiorentino

And Bucciolo felt that he must needs go and speak a word also ; wherefore he drew near to him and said, c My master, I am as sorely grieved for you as if you were my own father, and, if there be aught that I can do on your behalf, do not fail to regard me as your own son. Be not cast down, for, since no hurt has come to you, I can rejoice.

He bore himself with so much prudence and wisdom that, in a short time, he gained the goodwill of the prioress and of all the other peforone, but chiefly he won the favour of Saturnina, whom he loved more than his life.

Bear witness ye whose hearts have bled, Ye upon whom her darts of proof are shed, Which deepest in the life their barbs malignant hide. If you manage your affairs with prudence, you will become a rich man.

Guido Guinicelli 2 and Guittone d’Arezzo wrote with a depth of feeling quite alien to the light- ness and animation of the troubadours, and with a perfection of form which allows their work to be placed alongside that of Petrarch himself. When Buondelmonte saw that Acciaiuolo was engaged in an argument there- anent, he hurried back to his room, and, having opened the chest, he drew therefrom the lady’s clothes, and bade her dress herself, and beckoned to the maid to come and accompany her home.

The lady lay expecting Buondelmonte’s return, and when he came not she began to be afeared, remembering the trick she had played him with the bath, and said to herself, ‘ Of a truth he is minded to take vengeance upon me. There is no crafty intrigue, no mining and countermining, no outwitting of husband or father.

One was cast here and another there, and I caught hold of a piece of wood, on which I reached the shore. He has left behind him a collection of novels tinged even less than Boccaccio’s with the hues of romance.


Il Pecorone

Si e is not minted to listen to f tm ; out, tjabing limit f er tmsoanto soeafc great praise of ffialgano, sfje resolbes to oe cruel to f im no longer. Thus Bucciolo deemed that the lady was indeed enamoured of him. Peecorone de Gubernatis has never collated these MSS.

And thus, while his chattels and his money lasted, he was well looked upon and received everywhere with honour, but every day he sent word home to let sell or pledge some one or other of his goods in order to enable him to go on spending as he had begun. Therefore one day he made up his mind, seeing that his means were pecoeone all gone, to offer himself to serve as page to the husband of the lady aforesaid. She was a native of Capua, and was the wife of a goodly gentleman, one Messer Ramondo del Balzo, who, by the will of God, died and left her a widow and the mother of one son.

It was moreover told to him how divers gallants jousted to gain her love ; wherefore he bought him horses and implements epcorone jousting, and, having clad himself in rich and honourable fashion, and put in his purse money enough, and betaken himself to Florence, he began to scatter his gold and to consort with the young gallants of the city. Shake-speare replaces this trilogy of bed-room scenes with the story of the three caskets. My two sisters-in- law compelled me to be their peocrone, and for the slightest fault they reproved me, and called me a lewd woman, wherefore I suffered greatly.

Now one evening they arrived at a town called Grasse, and dismounted at an inn kept by a certain widow, whose daughter a short time before had likewise lost her husband pscorone death.

Fiorentino, Il Pecorone,

When in the morning the light grew clear, his two friends in the other two ships pecoone and deliberated, and, since they saw nothing of Giannetto’s ship, they said one to the other, ‘In sooth, this is an evil turn for him,’ and then they kept on their course, wondering greatly the while.

Cases in point will be found in the story of Prince Arrighetto, who becomes enamoured with the daughter of the King of Aragon merely by hearing of her surpassing beauty ; x and of the son of the Florentine captain quartered at Pisa, whose passion for a damsel of the city whom he had never pecornoe brought him to a cruel death.

To call a book ” II Pecorone,” the big sheep or the simpleton, is exactly what would have been done by a writer who wanted to follow the style of academies like the ” Insensati,” the ” Storditi,” or of any other of the kindred societies which sprang up at the beginning of the sixteenth century, such as the coterie ” I Vig- naiuoli ” at Rome, the members of which called themselves II Mosto, L’Agresto, II Cotogno, and so forth.


Wherefore he said to Bucciolo, ‘ Well, and will you go to her as she asks? She took lodging at an inn, the host of which inquired of one of her servants who this gentleman might be.

File:Il – Wikimedia Commons

He called by night at the house of one of his friends, who marvelled greatly at the sight of him, and said, ‘Alas! Nor was any feast ever given to which he was not bidden.

When the night, for which they had longed so ardently, came to an novel ii. Nerissa teaches me what to believe: Auretto, the youth who plays the lover’s part in this duologue — amorous indeed, but ruled by a punctilio rigid enough to light up with additional glow of humour the occasional lapses of the lovers into the natural speech and action of human beings — had become enamoured of the beauteous nun Saturnina, not by the sight of her charms, but by the glowing report of her various excellencies which had come to his ears by chance rumour.

Then we travelled by Marseilles, Nice, Genoa, Leghorn, and Corneto, my brother being minded many times during the voyage to cast me into the sea, and this, indeed, he would have done but for his friend, who held him back. Indeed, God could give me no greater boon than to let me find myself in your arms.

But a cursory examination of the sonnet, and a comparison of it with the lyrics in the other parts of the ” Pecorone” will rouse a suspicion that it belongs to a much later period, and could hardly have been written by the author of the rest of the book, whether he wrote as early as or not.

When we lost sight of you, we turned back on our course for a whole day, but we could neither see aught of your ship nor learn where you had gone. But to the youngest he left nothing. Then, after tarrying a short time longer, he put out the torch and went back to the schools. So they said farewell, and the priest, when he had taken his leave of the cardinal, returned to his home, good luck attending him. In sooth, if the other two vessels had been fine and fair, this third was much richer and better furnished.

When my fair lady had my fault forgiven, I lay the faithful slave of her behest, novel ii. This is the first part of the science that I would have you learn. After a little, how- ever, he recovered somewhat and said, ‘ Madonna, be kind enough to give me leave to depart.