About This Product. Highly praised for its exceptional clarity, technical accuracy, and useful examples, Weiers’ INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS STATISTICS. Weiers’ INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS STATISTICS, 6E speaks to you – today’s student – introducing the fundamentals of business statistics in. Summary: CD-ROM contains: Chapter Ethics in statistical analysis and reporting — applet exercises. Bookmark: ; Work.

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Click on the Column Labels cell and edit by entering Gender. Interpret the slope of the equation generated in part a. Using appropriate symbols that would reflect unfa- vorably on such an increase construct a pictogram to compare with Is the slope positive or is it negative Is the sign of the slope consis- tent with your intuitive observation in part a 2. Enter C1 into the first line of the X variables box.

Introduction-To-Business-Statistics-7Th-Edition Weiers |authorSTREAM

Scales of Measurement Assigning a numerical value to a variable is a process called measurement. However in part b the starting 5 Data source: Convenient shopping hours 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Fortune May 4 p. Construct a cross-tabulation describing the fleet using type of engine and whether the vehicle has air conditioning as the categorization variables.

For example we can- not say that the distance between Dinara Safina and Serena Williams is the same as the distance between Serena Williams and Venus Williams. These characteristics along with the miles per gallon mpg achieved by each vehicle during the past month are listed here. After installation when you click introdutcion Tools ribbon the Data Analysis Plus item will be among those ap- pearing in the menu below.

Library of Congress Control Number: Enter the data range A1: You can further intrroduction the appearance by clicking on the chart and changing fonts item locations such as the key in the lower right or the background color of the display.


Generate a frequency distribution and histogram describing this information and comment on the extent to which some workers appeared to be receiving an especially high or yo number of e-mails.

Click on any cell within the table. Discrete variables in business statistics usually consist of observations that we can count and often have integer values.

Include stem-and-leaf figures for outliers. Department of Agri culture the distribution of U.

This is an important consid- eration because the right or wrong symbols can lend nonverbal or emotional content to the display. In turn the higher premiums influence human behavior by making it more difficult for teens to own or drive such cars. Very early statistical efforts primarily involved counting people or possessions for taxation purposes.

Introduction to Business Statistics

Use the same scale for introductjon dotplot then comment on whether unemployment appears to have changed in terms of its range highest minus lowest or in the general level of unemployment perhaps a slight shift to the right or to the left from to Product details Format Mixed media product pages Dimensions x x 34mm 1, Introductio Preview of Business Statistics 13 variables express how much of an attribute is possessed.

Using yard intervals beginning with For example if the leftmost data value had been 1.

The N term in the Minitab printout shows how many data values were either blank or missing. Visual Description of Data 15 2. When the data are quantitative two of the ways we can address this problem are the frequency distribution and the histogram.

Permutations and Combinations 5. In the year the U. Data that have an upper limit e.

For example if a team had a payroll of 50 million we estimate that this team would have had Chapter 17 extends the discussion in the two previous chapters to examine the important issue of model building. Don Schlotman For product information and technology assistance contact us at Cengage Learning Customer Sales Support For permission to use material from this text or product submit all requests online at www. Competitors government technology and the social and economic environment along with sometimes capricious consumers and voters constitute largely uncontrollable factors that can sometimes foil the best-laid plans.


In this example we are trying to determine the weighted mean for the profit accordingly the preceding profit data will constitute the x i values in our example and will be weighted by the shipment quantities to the five cities. Introduction and Background 2 all of the values must be expressed in terms of the same stem digit and the same leaf digit. Kmart prices are 1 2 3 4 5 low high The Ratio Scale The ratio scale is similar to the interval scale but has an absolute zero and multiples are meaningful.

Construct a scatter diagram where the variables are the two kinds of reputation scores. Prior to making decisions companies often collect information through a series of steps called the research process.

Considering square footage as the independent variable and monthly rental fee as the dependent variable: Estimation from Sample Data 9. The Minitab printouts and instructions pertain to Minitab Release 16 but will be either identical or very similar to those for earlier versions of this dedicated statistical software package. If we were to take a complete census of the population the parameter could actually be measured.

This is because degree markings serve as the unit of measurement. Relative frequency distributions would convert the groups to the same size: Enter C2 into the Predictor X box. Determine the mean and the median for these data.