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There is a direct link between this scaling of with and the shape of the main sequence in the SFR— plane.

xCOLD GASS: The Complete IRAM 30 m Legacy Survey of Molecular Gas for Galaxy Evolution Studies

Simulations by Wolter et al. During the process, the spectra were corrected for foreground Galactic extinction. Commonly used calibrations of the CO LF were derived either using samples biased toward more extreme starburst galaxies Keres et al. The right panel shows NGC data from the entire disk where we used a variable factor corrected for local variation in metallicity Narayanan et al. Symbols and lines as described in Figure 8. While initially mostly restricted to particularly luminous or nearby galaxies e.

Distribution of the ira, component of the sample in the redshift—right ascension plane top and as projected on the sky bottom.


For this reason, the 22766 correction to extrapolate the CO 2—1 to a total value is large and more uncertain; therefore, we only provide observed beam quantities for this line. The method presented in Saintonge et al.

As presented in Table 3the catalog includes the following quantities:.

This study is also based on observations collected at the European Southern Observatory, Chile proposal no. This feature cannot be explained by tidal forces alone, and may be a signature of ram pressure stripping of the interstellar gas.

We performed tests to ensure that the scaling relations presented later in this paper are not caused by inadequate aperture corrections by confirming that key quantities that should not depend on distance within our sample such as molecular gas fraction and depletion timescale are indeed uncorrelated.

By using the CO-to-H 2 conversion function of Accurso et al. The final datacube was resampled onto a grid with 1 arcsec spatial pixels spaxels corresponding to pc. This is in contrast with the atomic gas fractions, f H iwhich increase steadily as decreases.

However, interacting starburst galaxies Klaas et al. In the cases where the line is not detected, the line luminosities and molecular gas mass given in columns 78and 20 are upper limits. Cited by 17 articles.

The raw data were calibrated using the P3D software package Sandin et al. These corrections, based on the technique described in Section 2. Similarly, semianalytic models are consistently reproducing very well the H i contents of galaxies with. A feature shared by all the hydrodynamic simulations investigated in Figure 13 is that they robustly predict the atomic gas mass fraction in galaxies with but do not produce enough cold atomic gas in the most massive galaxies. This is important, as a value of r 21 has to be assumed to convert an observed CO 2—1 flux into.


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This site uses cookies. Galaxies are color-coded by their offset from the main sequence. Stellar mass surface density: Of particular note is the overestimation of the molecular gas fractions in all the other semianalytic models presented in Figure Introduction Star formation SF is a key process in the evolution of galaxies, affecting both their stellar populations and the properties of their interstellar medium ISM.

The projected distance between the galaxies is marked. Given the angular size of the galaxies, most of their flux can be recovered by iarm single pointing of the IRAM 30 m telescope. The gray shaded area represents the region of the spectrum over which we integrated to calculate the total line flux. Literature Kennicutt ; Wolter et al. Zoom In Zoom Out Reset image size.