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If you are using proper browser, you can calculate properties with JOBACK method. This program calculate, boiling point, Critical temperature. Property Estimation Joback Method spreadsheet calculates thermophysical and transport properties as a function of the sum of group parameters. Some of the. The Joback method is a group contribution method. These kind of methods use basic structural information of a chemical molecule like a list of simple functional .

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However, the Greek letter eta is used by chemists, physicists.

The method uses a two parameter equation to describe the temperature dependency of the joabck viscosity. Two of the estimated properties are temperature-dependent: Two of the estimated properties are temperature-dependent: The best coverage has been achieved for normal boiling points components and the worst for heat of fusion components.

This webpage provides descriptions and calculation capabilities for a number of commonly used physical properties.

Properties Estimation Joback Method

It was derived from the binomial by replacing the Latin root bi- with the Greek poly. The Haller-Bauer reaction occurs between a non-enolizable ketone and a strong amide base. G i are counted for every single available group.

Polynomials appear in a variety of areas of mathematics and science. In the following formulas G i denotes a group contribution. The vapor pressure is estimated at several temperatures between the normal boiling point and the critical temperature by the Lee-Kesler equation [4]. Currently our web-based estimation requires you to manually enter the number of groups which occur within the structure being estimated. Viscosity [videos] The viscosity of a fluid is a measure of its resistance to gradual deformation by shear stress or tensile stress.

These parameters are valid from K to approx.

Estimates generated by the Lee-Kesler equation have an average absolute percent error of The existence of a point was first discovered by Charles Cagniard de la Tour in and named by Dmitri Mendeleev in In both cases the equation parameters are calculated by group contributions. This is a severe problem because aromatic and aliphatic components differ jethod.


Because the carbonyl group interacts with water by bonding, ketones are typically more soluble in water than the related methylene compounds. These techniques rely on one-step-ahead predictors, when the generating models are nonlinear then stepwise linearizations may be applied within Extended Kalman Filter and smoother recursions.

Joback method

In the following formulas G i denotes a group contribution. In addition to the alkane isomers, the chain of atoms may form one methhod more loops. The dotted green line shows the anomalous behavior of water. The Joback method is an extension of the Lydersen method [2] and uses very similar groups, formulas, and parameters for the three properties the Lydersen already supported critical temperaturecritical pressurecritical volume.

The method uses a two parameter equation to describe the temperature dependency of kethod dynamic viscosity. See this report for a more detailed evaluation of the technique.

For a given velocity pattern, the stress required is proportional to mehod fluids viscosity, a fluid that methdo no resistance to shear stress is known as an ideal or inviscid fluid. Liquids with higher viscosities make smaller splashes when poured at the same velocity. Other group contribution methods, especially methods like UNIFACwhich estimate mixture properties like activity coefficients, use both simple additive group parameters and group interaction parameters.

Otherwise, all fluids have positive viscosity, and are said to be viscous or viscid. The Joback method additionally uses a very simple and easy to assign group scheme, which makes the method usable also for people with only basic chemical knowledge. The number of needed jobwck interaction parameters gets very high for an increasing number of groups 1 for two groups, 3 for three mrthod, 6 for four groups, 45 for ten groups and twice as much if the interactions are not symmetric.


The original authors already stated themselves in the original paper: The Joback method uses a four parameter polynomial to describe the temperature dependency of the ideal gas heat capacity.

However the chain of atoms may also be branched at one or more points. Mathematical equations and models, and computer models, are used to describe the past 5. For additional physical property estimation capabilities please download our Cranium Demo. Estimation of critical property data by group contribution”, Fluid Phase Equilib.

Bodies were capable of holding an amount of this fluid, hence the term heat capacity, named. The word polynomial was first used in the 17th century, the x occurring in a polynomial is commonly called either a variable or an indeterminate. This allows one to get all eleven supported properties from a single analysis of the molecular structure. Once you have entered your structure’s groups, press the “Estimate Properties” button below and scroll the window to examine jonack property values.

The formula used for the prediction of the normal boiling point shows another problem. Acetone Propanone is the simplest ketone and is separated into three groups in the Joback method: The boiling point is also a required input. Instead of needing to know the properties of thousands or millions of compounds, the simplest form of jonack group contribution method is the determination of a component property by summing up the group contribution.

Some of the most basic properties needing to be estimated for pure chemicals are the molecular weight, the melting point and the normal boiling point. This critical temperature equation needs a normal boiling point T b.

When the two groups are the same, the prefix di- is added before the name of alkyl group.