The Neon Bible [John Kennedy Toole] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. John Kennedy Toole—who won a posthumous Pulitzer Prize for . John Kennedy Toole, Author, W. Kenneth Holditch, Introduction by a writer who later far surpassed it, The Neon Bible is a compendium of authorial first steps. The The Neon Bible Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, by John Kennedy Toole.

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The Neon Bible – Wikipedia

The Neon Bible tells the bibld of David, a young boy growing up in a small Southern town in the s. The story holds its own regardless of what we know of the author’s personal history. Now that I know the ending, I have to go back and re-read it.

The Sanctimoney of the Kennnedy and Righteous Conformist The characters in “Neon Bible” aspire to a life that happens to be different from those around them. John Kennedy Toole Publisher: Toole doesn’t give you that in “The Neon Bible”. Not only have I spent many family holidays and all of my college years in New Orleans, but Confederacy was the first book that my husband and I had in common from the start.

But he shows you the stomach-churning claustrophobic nature of a small town and its politics steeped in hypocritical religiosity and conformity. What might he have accomplished had he only lived longer?

The revivalist Bobbie Lee Taylor preaches: Whereas “A Confederacy of Dunces” seemed almost hyper-obnoxious with its lead character, Ignatius Reilly, as its figurehead, “The Neon Bible” is a marathon of calm observation. David grabs his father’s rifle and shoots the preacher through the back of the head, killing him. Again, it is not the kind of story you expect from a sixteen-year-old.


Toole grew into a man in his twenties and crossed the line into his thirties while living at home with his parents.

That’s what I’m talking about people. Pleased and amazed by what he found in those worn and battered pages, he convinced Louisiana State University Press to publish A Confederacy of Dunces. The reader’s tendency to search for the author in the protagonist fails here and is, by example, proven to be a bad practice. A Confederacy of Dunces This article needs additional citations for verification.

THE NEON BIBLE by John Kennedy Toole | Kirkus Reviews

View all 6 comments. The town’s local preacher opposes this incursion and begins a rival Bible-study class.

It is written with considerable spark. After some time she dies, exhaling one last word — “Frank. Toole is able to make the reader identify with a character whose mind functions in a manner so foreign to most people and to find themselves equally angry, amused, sympathetic, and horrified at the world that surrounds the protagonist. Only a few friends even knew that neln was a writer, much less that he had submitted a novel to a publisher. In the later, the soft-spoken David is an achingly passive participant in a depressing, but not quite tragic, life that sees David’s loser father disappear into World War II, be taken under the wing of an tne aunt, and experiment awkwardly with young love.

Louisiana’s Napoleonic code -influenced inheritance law meant that these works technically belonged not only to Thelma Toole, but also to several other relatives on his father’s side of the family.


No trivia or quizzes yet. There is room for Toole to grow as a writer across the board plotting, characterization, prose, etc. The Neon Bible Author s: In the novel received the Pulitzer Prize and to date has been translated into more than ten foreign languages. In a series of linking memories we learn about Dave and his painful trials and tribulations growing up. David then buries his mother in the yard and walks into town, using money given to him by the pharmacy owner, Mr.


David grows up friendless and awkward. This was a solid to good coming-of-age story written by John Kennedy Toole at the age of The nine final pages are explosive– Toole was 16 when he composed this! His wife insists that crops cannot grow in the clay of the hill soil.

The Neon Bible

The sign was in the shape of an open book with the words “Holy Bible” glowing in neon letters across it. Though I was already aware of Toole’s genius, because of Confederacy of Beon, I went into it wondering just how great it could be.

Accordingly, Thelma Toole was able to convince these relatives to give up their rights to A Confederacy of Dunces.

I was not a huge fan of Dunceswhich didn’t tickle my funnybone the way it has for so many other readers. No, sir, that is the playground of the devil. You can bet your life they aren’t.

Only his strong-willed Aunt Mae, whose sometimes low sometimes healthy self-esteem intermittently allows her to lavish affection or to hold David at arm’s length, gives David any kenendy through teh story.

In camps young girls are dancing with sailors and soldiers, and who knows what-all. The traveling preacher teaches that popular dance is a prelude to ‘immorality’. This book stays with you.