Magnetochemistry is concerned with the magnetic properties of chemical compounds. Magnetochemistry. From Wikipedia, the free Carlin, R.L. ( ). In general, the chemistry and physics of coordination compounds are what this book is about. Magnetochemistry is the study ofthe ground states ofmetal ions. Physical Principles and Applications of Magnetochemistry, Macmillan, London A. Lambrecht, R. Burriel, R.L. Carlin, G. Mennenga, J. Bartolome, L.J. de Jongh.

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I think that these are important things which will interest a number of other chemists. The restriction is important, because it is difficult to write well about those things which are less familiar to an author. In general, the chemistry and My library Magnetochemistfy Advanced Book Search.


Magnetochemistry – Wikipedia

This is a book about things in magnetism that interest me. In general, the chemistry and physics of coordination carlkn are what this book is about. Magnetochemistry is the study of the ground states of metal ions.

When the ions are not interacting, then the study of single-ion phenomena is called paramagnetism. When the metal ions interact, then we are concerned with collective phenomena such as occur in long-range ordering.

Several years ago, Magnetocgemistry van Duyneveldt and I published a book that explored these subjects in detail. Since that time, the field has grown tremendously, and there has been a need to bring the book up to date.

Furthermore, I have felt that it would be useful to include more subsidiary material to make the work more useful as a textbook.

This book is the result of those feelings of mine. Selected pages Title Page.

Contents Diamagnetism and Paramagnetism. The Iron Series Ions.


Magnetochemistry – Richard Lewis Carlin – Google Books

LongRange Order Ferromagnetism and Antiferromagnetism. The Heavy Transition Metals.

The Rare Earths or Lanthanides. Carlin No preview available magnetochemjstry Magnetochemistry Richard L Carlin No preview available – Common terms and phrases anisotropy antiferromagnetic applied field atoms axis behavior broad maximum bromide calculated canting Carlin R.

Chem chloride cobalt cobalt II compounds coordination copper crystal field crystal structure cubic Curie constant Curie law Curie-Weiss curve diamagnetic dimers distortion doublet effects electron energy levels entropy example exchange constant exchange interaction exhibit experimental external field ferromagnetic Friedberg S. Magnetochemistry Richard Lewis Carlin Snippet view –